Saturday, 26 May 2012

Pause Ponder and Preposterous Past-times

Well you guys lobbed this one around awhile until the net result became evident. Let's see who scored this week...

Marc Anthony finally found the perfect weapon to slam J-Lo's butt.

Why doesn't he carry a fly swatter like everybody else.

A scene from the film, "Honey I Shrunk Serena Williams."

Our winner this week hit one almost over the line with her caption of...

I bet you can't wait to see the size of his balls.

Well, actually, 00dozo, yes I can. But your caption reminds me of that famous Johnny Carson interview with Arnold Palmer's wife in which he asked her if there was anything special she did before a big match. Mrs. Palmer said, "Yes, I kiss his balls." And Carson responded, "I'll bet that straightens his putter."

Anyway, congrats 00dozo. You be hangin' with dufus this week. Way to go. I'd call you and cogratulate you personally but there's so many people applauding here I don't think you'd hear me over this racket. (heh, heh)


00dozo said...

Thanks, dufus!

And congrats to the other honourables!

Ha! I didn't see the actual airing of that Tonight Show but I did see it later on in clips and outtakes. Gotta love Johnny Carson. ;-)

nonamedufus said...

Oh, I didn't see it either. I'm far too young. (Right)

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