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Pause Ponder and Pun #126

The secret to Rafael Nadal's success on the courts? His father told him to "walk softly and carry a big racquet".

Okay, that's my take.

What's yours?

I'd "love" to hear it.

Let's see if you can "match" mine.

I won't "string" you guys along any longer than necessary.

See you Saturday with the results.


moooooog35 said…
A scene from the film, "Honey, I Shrunk Serena Williams."
quirkyloon said…
Marc Anthony finally found the perfect weapon to slam J-Lo's butt.
00dozo said…
I bet you can't wait to see the size of his balls.
MalisaHargrove said…
Win! She won it, Dufus!
00dozo said…
That's hitting a little below the belt, no? ;-)
00dozo said…
Oh, c'mon Malisa. I'm sure you can "serve" one up!
Leeuna said…
Why doesn't he carry a fly swatter like everybody else!

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