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Hot, Hot, Hot

No I'm not talking about that 1987 song by Buster Poindexter. And I'm not talking about the weather, although it was a sultry low 30s C for our Victoria Day long weekend last week. That's around 86 to 88 or so for you Farenheit freaks. No I'm talking about...


...Lauren Odes from Twin Peaks, New York. Just kidding about the Twin Peaks. Well, sort of. Twenty-nine year old Ms. Odes it seems got fired from her job for, according to her employers, dressing too provocatively. Guess where she worked? In a lingerie store. Yeah. Go figure. If there's anywhere dressing provocatively might  improve sales it's probably at a lingerie store. But here's the catch. Her employers, who run a place called Native Intimates, are Orthodox Jews and they fired Lauren for "being too hot".

Well, Lauren's not sitting still for that. She's hired celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred. You know, the one with a stable of John Travolta masseurs who complained about the devout Scientologist's touchy-feely approach with them? Yeah, that one.

Now, for me, the odd thing about this story is Orthodox Jews selling flimsy lingerie. You know, skimpy thongs with little red hearts in the crotch and the like. That sounds a tad unorthodox.

The other odd thing is Gloria Allred seems to be on a sex case streak lately. First touchy-feely Travolta and now the lookie-leery former bosses of Odes.

Anyway, Allred has filed a gender and religious discrimination complaint with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in New York. 

Says Odes: "We should not be judged by the size of our breasts or the shape of our body."

I guess we'll just have to see if Allred can "rack" up a victory here.


Quirkyloon said…
Ha! I'm not feeling her "hotness."

Although I am feeling mine. It's gonna be a balmy 98 here today. Whee.
nonamedufus said…
Oh, there's no questioning your hotness, Quirks. Hers? Not so sure.
Kris McCracken said…
At least she'll never be confused for having 'style'... ;D
nonamedufus said…
No, I suppose she never will.
meleahrebeccah said…
Well, I think it's stupid that chick was fired for dressing too sexy or being too hot. But I want to PUNCH Gloria Allred IN THE FACE.
nonamedufus said…
Allred's a piece of work, isn't she.

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