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Pause Ponder and Pun

What have we here?  

Remember this guy?  

What's he up to now?

You tell many times as you like.

And then check back Saturday to see who came up with the best captions.

See ya!


Moooooog35 said…
If you think this is bad, you should see what Nancy Pelosi is eating.
Ziva said…
"Mmm, tastes like chicken."
Ziva said…
Kittens - the breakfast of champions!
00dozo said…
"It's crow, goddammit! You're supposed to be eating crow!"
"Look, Laura! I'm playing a furry harmoniccordion!"
00dozo said…
Off Topic: Just started to watch England v. Slovenia - you can actually hear the crowd over those bloody horns! A nice change. (And "Jockitch" is playing again!)

LOL @ Jeremy!
Anonymous said…
"I think I cat, I think I cat!"

George always loved that story.

hee hee
Donnie said…
Damn! The only captions I can think of are totally sexually related and involve words that I'm not sure are allowed on your blog.
So I'll just say, "Don't forget the mustard George."
Cruella Collett said…
"I miss the White House chef. Sweet corn tasted less furry back in D.C."
Malisa said…
Dubyah's favorite snack is a Kit Kat bar!
Deb said…
OMG. Thank God Don said what he said, 'cause I thought I was the only one. Sorry. I can't come up with anything that isn't perverted.
No, George, don't you remember: You said:

If Obama wins instead of McCain then I'll eat my HAT.

not CAT.

You really aren't getting this are you?
Anonymous said…
"Look, I'm eating room temperature kitty!"... "Get it?" *heeh heeh heeh*
Ziva said…
Not only is kitten a very nutritious meal, the hairballs also come in handy when you're out of cotton balls!
Tgoette said…
"I Can Has Cheez Kitty."
Tgoette said…
As George wrote in his memoir, "the worst part of giving the cat a bath was when the hair would stick to my tongue."

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