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St Paddy Pauses, Ponders and Puns

Do you know what day it is, today?

The top o' the morning to ya!  Happy, St. Paddy's Day!!!

If you're remotely Irish you'll be doing one of several things today.  You'll be wearing green.  You'll be drinking green beer.  Or you'll be turning green late tonight from all that green beer!

In the meantime, take a look at this week's picture of our girls in green and leave a caption.  You've got until Saturday to come up with a winner!

And if you're still in a captioning mood, drop by Mad-Mad O'Margo's where she's got the second-best captioning contest on the interwebs.


The laughing was short-lived, as Angela, attempting to amuse her friend with her flatulence, discovered that green beer gives her the runs.

If interested, caption contest over at our place as well!
Moooooog35 said…
It's always funny until someone loses a green sock.
Moooooog35 said…
Julie was immediately out when she realized that 'All the ugly girls throw your feet into the air' was not preceded with 'Simon Says.'
Can you see my maxi pad through these jeans??
Me-Me King said…
Look! No panty lines!
CatLadyLarew said…
Here's hoping you blow green farts on St. Patrick's Day! Now, light 'em up!
Don said…
Huh? That's a "real" picture. That's no fun. Go back and get one with snot running from some old lady's nose or something. You know. Something with some class.
Kelly said…
Mary Pat is about to find out the hard way that combining green beer and Alli "may" result in oily bowel movements and the inability to control them.
Leeuna said…
Do these socks make my butt look fat?
renalfailure said…
That's not a sock, that's gangrene. Well, if you can't laugh at necrosis, what can you laugh at?
Skye said…
Top of the mornin' ta me, ya say? Well seyer, to that I have to say "'an tha res' o' the day to meself! ;)

Anyway, onto the captioning!

"Hey look, a green sock and a white one!"

To which Sally answers her with "Guess what, I have that exact same pair in My sock drawer!"

"Yay, we're sock sisters!"
Ziva said…
When Claire went green, she did a pretty half-assed job of it. She didn't even buy two socks.
Nooter said…
...and the rainbow went in here, right up my ass! who wants to look for the pot of gold?
Tammy and Faye got drunk on St. Patrick's Day and totally mistook the old Irish proverb about the wind being at your back as a challenge to blow out the candles by farting. Tammy won.
Lauren said…
After drinking too much green beer, Maudlin watched her right leg slowly turn green, while Dorthea laughed at a leprechaun's jokes, despite the fact she kept mistaking him for a seat cushion.
Anonymous said…
GET THE GAS MASKS!!! Patty had corned beef and cabbage for lunch!

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