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It's Christmas At Ground Zero

Merry Christmas everyone!


CatLadyLarew said…
Merry Christmas, Dufus! I'd give you a hug, but I have to go to the bomb shelter now.

(Brings back memories of those air raid drills in grade school... hiding under desks... yeah, that would have made a difference!)

nonamedufus said…
CL: Stop, drop and roll and Merry Christmas.
Don said…
Have a great Christmas John. Bombs awayyyyyy...!!!
Quirkyloon said…
Ha! You and I both went "dark" with our Christmas posts.

I think yours is a little darker than mine.

Just a little.


Merry Christmas Dufus!

word veri: blies
Phillipia said…
Brought back memories - but none of them happy...

Happy Atomic-free Christmas...
nonamedufus said…
Don: Merry Christmas Don. Hope your new year's explosive!
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Merry Christmas girl. You da bomb! All the best for the new year.
nonamedufus said…
Phillipia: Hope your Christmas is a blast!
How nice of you to spread such joy to the world. Merry Christmas, Doof!
nonamedufus said…
NGIP: And Merry Christmas to you too "Nanny".

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