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US and Them #8

People are still talking about the Kung Fu-like reflexes President Obama displayed last week when, in the midst of a television interview, he delivered a fatal blow to a frisky fly. I for one admire the guy. The incident reminded me of a childhood reaction of mine and my buddies to annoying flies. We used to try and catch the buzzing buggers in our hands, shake our clenched fists and then watch them try to fly away with often times hilarious results. The trick to this is to actually catch the fly first and I never could. When I saw the video of Obama I yelled, “He da man, he da man!
I mean, how cool is that. The supreme leader of the free world has ninja-like moves that put Chuck Norris to shame. Right on. But the President’s predatory prowess didn’t sit well with everyone. PETA, those putzes for the ethical treatment of animals, condemned the President. In a news release they said:

“We support compassion even for the most curious, smallest and least sympathetic animals,” PETA spokesman Bruce Friedrich said. “We believe that people, where they can be compassionate, should be, for all animals.”

To push their point they sent him something called a “Katcha Bug Humane Bug Catcher”. I tell you his moves sure wouldn’t have the same impact if Obama had to stop mid-way through the interview with an “Oh, excuse me, I have to set my bug catcher trap”.

What’s up with PETA? What have they got against Obama for killing a fly? His predecessor, after all, tortured humans and we didn’t hear from them then.

And Canadians must be high on their watch list. Hell, we swat mosquitoes like they’re going out of style, in the hopes that they’ll soon go out of style.

Here in Canada, our Prime Minister doesn’t quite have the moves, or the approval rating, of the American President. In fact he’s gone in a totally different direction. On the Prime Minister’s web site, Stephen Harper promotes every week the adoption of stray pets.
This week’s lol cat is a 6 year-old neutered male named, wait for it, "Mr Lovebug". You can bet Harper won’t be swatting that “bug”!


David said…
I should have guessed that the P in PETA stood for Putzes. Thanks for that clarification.
You don't think that whole thing was accidental, do you? The entire incident was staged in order to demonstrate just how fast Obama can move. "You'd better lay off the United States," it says, "because we've got a super-fast president with mad skills."

And PETA is actually organised and operated by an anti-animal group whose aim is to make people want to go out and torture animals. I's the only thing that makes sense, right? Every time they open their mouths they create more ill-will against animals. They can't really be so stupid they don't get that. Can they?
Far said…
At least the fly found peace on Twitter:
nonamedufus said…
David: My pleasure. Hey, this is a full service blog.

Frank: The American government would go so far as to pull one over on us? Say it ain't so. Next you'll tell me there's no tooth fairy.

Far: Oh that's hilarious. I'm following Fly!
Anonymous said…
In Canada the Prime Minister´s residence at 24 Sussex Drive is known as Pussy Central. The fur may fly but the feline beauties get shelter from the endless northern rains and mosquitoes the size of condors.
nonamedufus said…
David: My pleasure. Hey, this is a full service blog.

Frank: The American government would go so far as to pull one over on us? Say it ain't so. Next you'll tell me there's no tooth fairy.

Far: Oh that's hilarious. I'm following Fly!

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