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Little Bit O' Soul

Garage rockin' one-hit wonders Music Explosion issued a great song in 1967 and quickly faded from sight. While, branded one of the early bubblegum musical groups, A Little Bit O' Soul was a catchy tune that hit #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned Music Explosion a gold record. Highlights of this lip-synced performance include the drum-kit and the invisible organist...

Note to readers/listeners
This is the last 60s music post on nonamedufus. Tomorrow will be the final 70s post. But don't fear, I've created a music blog, accessible from the sidebar on this page called dufusdownbeat where I've moved all the musical content to.
dufusdownbeat is where you'll find my 60s and 70s weekly features as well as articles and clips from artists celebrating birthdays and other milestones and links to interesting music sites.
While humour and music remain my passions, I've merely decided to hive one off from the other and make each blog cleaner and more focused. I hope you enjoy the changes. And I hope you'll visit both sites. Thanks.


Expat From Hell said…
Please let me know where to go - I have really enjoyed your dig-ups on the 60's and 70's stuff. Most of this stuff was in my sub-conscious iPod for most of the last 40 years. Reading your postings has brought it out again. Loved this song, by the way. I will anxiously wait your expose on Music Machine's "Talk Talk".

Me-Me King said…
I remember this song as if it were yesterday. Oh, it was's on my play list.

Congrats on your new blog, I'll see you there!
nipsy said…
Good idea to split them up, and of course letting me know where the heck to go. This was yet another song I had never heard before, thanks for making me feel young..LOL
Donnie said…
Little Bit O' Soul was a favorite of mine. Too bad they went down the tube so quickly. I thought they really had some good talent. Apparently song writing wasn't one of them.
nonamedufus said…
Expat: I hesitate to tell you where to go but just click on the pic on my sidebar and, voila, youre there!

Me-Me: Great! You're my first visiter! Thanks and keep coming back.

Nipsy: Click on the sidebar pic. Are you saying I'm old, girl?

Don: Yeah, you got it. Too bad. I used to think this was such a cool song - as Nipsy would have me say - back in the day.
Me-Me King said…
I remember this song as if it were yesterday. Oh, it was's on my play list.

Congrats on your new blog, I'll see you there!

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