Thursday, 15 March 2012

Putting Around in Panama

I was taking things easy Tuesday. It's my chemo pill day so I stuck close to the condo and didn't play golf with my brother-in-law Jean-Marc and his friend Christiane. It gave me time to read up a little on Manuel Noriega. You know, the former military governor of Panama who was trained by and worked for the CIA, ran drugs, killed people and now wastes away in jail after finally being extradited to his homeland after trials and jail terms in both the United States and France? Yeah, that's him.

Noriega not a happy camper when captured.

Did you know that when the Americans invaded Panama in 1989 and surrounded the Vatican Embassy where he was holed up in an operation called "Nifty Package" U.S. Navy Seals blasted rock music at deafening levels in an attempt to get him to surrender? Do you know what song they played over and over again? I Fought the Law and the Law Won by the Clash. It must have worked. He surrendered.

On Wednesday, I fought the golf course...and I won. With Tuesday being a wash out and in outings previous to then I never finished all 9 holes, yesterday I managed to complete the course. The temperature here is in the mid 90s, so unless you start early the heat'll really get to you by about the 6th or 7th hole. Well it got to me. But yesterday we started at brother-in-law, his friend and my nephew Pierce.

For a 9 hole course, this is pretty challenging. Here's a few shots.

Look at that friggin' water hazard I had to hit over!

Nephew Pierce seems to like the beach.

Christiane seems to like the water.

More water on the challenging par-3 7th hole.

Jean-Marc and Christiane on the final hole.

You know I'm awfully spoiled. It's just not gonna be the same when I get home and have to go the indoor Golf-O-Max and hit balls up against a video canvas. 

Oh, well. 

Spring is almost here.


Quirky Loon said...

Ha! Look atchoo! And this blasting music thing... I totally feel the power of it. Last night my son regaled me with ten straight minutes of rap.

I almost blew a fuse.

nonamedufus said...

Didn't go golfing until 9:15 this morning. I got as far as the 7th hole and had to call it a day. Hot, hot, hot!

Lindamedrano said...

Panama is too hot for me. I'm glad you're feeling better than you were on Tuesday. I think it's time you come home though.

nonamedufus said...

Soon enough, Linda. There's still a few cervezas to get rid of.

Nicky said...

It was a balmy 6 degrees here in Montreal. Just sayin'.

Glad you're enjoying yourself!

nonamedufus said...

I knew your heat wave wouldn't last. Here it's all heat all the time. Whew!

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