Saturday, 24 March 2012

Pause Ponder and Pitch Your Partner

This was a terrific week for captions. You guys were flinging them left and right with abandon. It was quite a challenge to pick a winner. Indeed, it was a real toss-up. Let's see what we've got...

At the rooftop square dance, Jim takes "swing your partner" a bit too literally

I said "Pull my finger! Pull my fingerrrrr!"

And here we see the first tribute being tossed into the arena to
officially start The Hunger Games.

All good ones guys. And look at 00dozo's return to our little arena of puns with a caption true to form. Have you guys seen the movie yet?

But our winner this week has long been the bridesmaid but never the bride in our little contest. Well that all changes now. My cherie ami from Mesa, Arizona is responsible for leaving a comment that has become a wicked ear-worm whirling around in my brain since Wednesday...

You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a shot put baby!

Yay, Quirks. You've done it girl. You be hangin' with dufus this week. Just like old times, eh?! Congratulations my friend. What do you say we get together and head on up to my roof where we can toss around a few ideas. Then we can throw some cats, maybe a racoon or two, perhaps a dwarf, before we work up to tossing our cookies. Ha, ha!

Thanks everyone, for playing along. And, again, congratulations Quirks.


Quirky Loon said...

Wowzah and yowzah!

I won!

I won?

Well I'd like to thank the Academy and all the little people who help put me here. Mainly my internet service provider, my mouse, my keyboard, and most of all Google! This is for you!

heh heh

Thank-you Dufus! There's nobody I'd rather be hangin' with! *smile*

nonamedufus said...

CRAP (Canadian Royal Academy of Punology) is pleased to bestow this honour upon you...your internet provider, mouse, keyboard and Google notwithstanding. You are now officially full of CRAP, Quirks. Congratulations.

00dozo said...

Congrats, Quirks! It's not everyday you get bestowed with CRAP. And, oh yes, thank you very much for that earworm, too.

And congrats to the other honourables!

Thanks for another mention, dufus. And, no, I haven't seen the movie - hell, I didn't even know what the "Hunger Games" was until about three weeks ago. Yep, that's about how much out of the loop I am lately.


nonamedufus said...

You didn't know what the Hunger Games was? Have you been living under a rock? Oh yeah, you live ON a rock, don't you?

Good to see you around 00dozo. Don't be a stranger.

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