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Pause Ponder and a Periodontist's Wet Dream

Drill, baby drill!

A dentist could make a fortune from this guy. I think it's a guy.

He gives new meaning to the phrase gummy bare don't ya think?

Well let's see what you guys do think.

Jim Carrey's original head shot.

Jed's mom always told him he was a handsome boy
if he'd just get the hair out of his eyes 
and learn to accentuate his best features. 
Jed's mom never had too tight a grip on reality.

Top prize winner - British School of Dentistry

And we finish with this week's winner who, by happy coincidence, is Finnish...

Unlike most people, Steve never had a problem with biting off more thane could chew.

Zoot alors (that's French for "holy shit"!) Ziva, well done. Congratulations. You be hangin' with dufus this week. What do you say we hop on over to my dentist and we can suck back a canister of laughing gas. Good times! Of course you might argue it's really light. And I'd have to counter with it being less filling.

Thanks to everyone who played along this week. And a special shout out to 00dozo who's back among us after a lengthy absence. I think she's dropping bread crumbs around the interwebs so she can find her way back home. Sorry, 00dozo. I didn't realize what you were doing and I ate them. But if you take the third tropical depression on your left I think you'll find your way.


Shawn said…
Way to go Ziva.She put on the Finnish-ing touch
Nonamedufus said…
I'd say her win was pretty Swed, but that just wouldn't be right.
nonamedufus said…
I'd say her win was pretty Swede, but that just wouldn't be right.
Quirky Loon said…
Ay, yi, yi! You and Shawn with the puns! hee hee

And congrats to Ziva and the honorable mentions.... great fun for us all.
nonamedufus said…
Did Ziva ever tell you about her little cat, Nor? Apparently it's a big eater. I wonder what a Nor weighs?
Ziva said…
Yay, me! I'm definitely taking you up on that offer of laughing gas, it's not every day you Finnish first, after all. I'll bring a danish, too, you should never party on an empty stomach.
nonamedufus said…
I hear Finland has a tiny fleet. I guess you could say they have a scanty navy, ah. congrats Ziva. well done!
00dozo said…
Congrats, Ziva!

And congrats to the other honourables.

Thanks for the mention, dufus! And thanks for ths shout out - I hope my 'Non Compost Poopis' won't keep me sidelined too much longer.

nonamedufus said…
Your what? Ewww.

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