Thursday, 22 March 2012

Picture Perfect

So what do you think of my new masthead? Clever, huh? A horse with no name and a horse with noname? Get it? Yeah, okay. I really used to like that song. Moving on.

So I'm back from my vacation in Panama. The trip back was a tad better than the trip down. No tearing through airports like O.J. Simpson (I know. I'm dating myself.) only to discover I'd missed my connection. And bonus: I had a very lovely lady pat me down as I boarded my flight from Panama to Orlando. It was the best action I'd had in two weeks.

So I thought I'd let you know about an interruption to our scheduled program. Beginning April 1, I'll be suspending regular blogging activity to participate in something called 30 Days of Photographs II. "What the hell?" you say. Well it could be hell. Posting a photo every day for 30 days and writing a little about it? And there are rules. And there are directions. What the hell did I get myself into?

You might remember last year at about this time Ziva, that blogging femme fatale from Finland, at Ziva's Inferno and my fellow Facebook comment hijacking buddy Mike at Too Many Mornings challenged each other to a similar endeavour. Well this year they've expanded the challenge. There'll be bunch of us "developing" our photographic skills and sharing the results with each other. Every day four 30 days. That's right. Every damn day.

Here's a sneak peak of what we'll be aiming for...

Day 1: Silence
Day 2: Architecture
Day 3: From An Ant’s Perspective
Day 4: The experiment
Day 5: Power
Day 6: Tragedy
Day 7: Mirror
Day 8: A stranger
Day 9: Something I hate
Day 10: Waiting
Day 11: Wheels
Day 12: Fear
Day 13: Pleasure
Day 14: Forty-two
Day 15: Wood
Day 16: Ordinary matters
Day 17: Time
Day 18: Fire
Day 19: White
Day 20: Bird
Day 21: Moon
Day 22: Portrait
Day 23: Fish tales
Day 24: Crowd
Day 25: The future
Day 26: My toothbrush
Day 27: Nude
Day 28: Outlier
Day 29: Lines
Day 30: The Devil

So tune in April 1 for the first picture. There's a few in that list that I have no idea how to handle. Nude? Really? If I publish that one you guys may never come back.


Quirky Loon said...

Well they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words... so it sounds like you're gonna be doing A LOT of writing.

heh heh

Good luck!

nonamedufus said...

You know me. I love to write. So yeah, just pictures won't be enough! Should be interesting.

Ziva said...

Thank you for the lovely alliterating introduction. I am so happy to have you join! Of course, you cannot interrupt Pause Ponder and Pun, so you'll have to take the pictures yourself and make them match the theme of the day. Piece of cake, no? ;) (I really hope Nude happens to be a Wednesday....)

nonamedufus said...

Oh, that'll make PPP lots of fun. Alas Nude will happen on a Friday. I can barely contain my disappointment.

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