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Pause Ponder and Pun #62

This kid's got something going on.

Yeah, she's workin' it.

Whether it's workin' or not remains to be seen.

Maybe it'll work for you.

Leave me a caption in the comments.

Maybe it'll work for me.

I don't know about you but all this work is making me tired.

We'll work out a winner Saturday.


skeeter said…
She was sooooo ugly, her parents put that fake anus on her face to get the dog to like her
Moooooog35 said…
May Lin learned her lesson from the first time her parents told her, "If you don't eat your noodles, you'll grow a pink sunflower looking thing around your face."
Boom Boom Larew said…
I've got nothing here... but I'm cracking up over Skeeter's suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Introducing the Sham Face Wow! Worried about noodle splashes? Worry no more with a Sham Face Wow! Order now and you'll get two for the price of ONE! Call now. Operators are waiting.
Bluezy said…
Larger sizes and pet versions available for rural America. Comes in a variety of colors, yet red white and blue seem to be most popular.
Jen said…
I can't compete with these people, as usual I suck at this.
00dozo said…
The unfortunate result of forgetting to remove your bubble-gum before eating your noodles.
00dozo said…
Introducing, The Won-Ton Splash Guard! Sure, those noodles are easy enough to wrap around your chopsticks, but just wait until you try pick-up those slippery kreplach!

(really, I have nuthin' again - but LOL @ skeeter!)

Happy Chanukkah, for those of the ilk!
just in case I forget my ear is not my mouth.........

argh i suck at this too
no distractions...must eat noodles

i still suck lol
Whoopie cushions make lousy fashion accessories.
skeeter said…
Chin- Chin , was always the life of the party, until she showed up dressed like this, said she was" a hemmroid "!
Lotus Flower, still drunk on sake from her graduation party, would realize far too late that she'd gone to the noodle house without realizing that the massaging toilet seat she spent the night hugging was still stuck to her face.
just in case I forget my ear is not my mouth.........

argh i suck at this too

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