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Pause Ponder and Peas

This has been quite a week for nonamedufus. If I Had Kim Kardashian's Ass ranked as the most viewed post here last week with over 600 page views, pulling ahead of my readers' all-time favourite No Sex Please We're Japanese and the ever-popular Chesticles. It's good to know people prefer Kim Kardashian's ass to that of Richard Simmons, although I have to say I'm a chesticle man myself. Kim's ass also ranked #1 over at PostZoom this week. Who would have guessed.

I started a poll feature last week, up there in the right hand corner. In our first survey, I learned that more readers liked peas than disliked them. Yuck. Losers.

And, finally, we had a record number of people participate in Pause Ponder and Pun this week. And, again, we had so many great captions it was hard to come up with our winner. Our honourable mentions, more than usual, give you some idea of how good all our submissions were...

Homeland Security - keeping you safe for the Holidays

Merry Christmas from the Cheneys

This week on "Sarah Palin's Alaska..."

Sarah Palin strikes again, "I betcha you didn't know that not only is Russia in my
backyard, but I see Santa occasionally too."

No Virginia, there IS no freakin' Santa Claus

But my favourite this week combined his penchant for puns with our pea poll. His caption shows he knows a little something about me. I guess that's only natural seeing how Whitey's my brother...

"You know I got no issue with good will to men, but when he started talking
about spreading peas on Earth..."

Hahahahaha. Yep, that's my brother alright. He also submitted:

"This one's for Grandma!"

which had me snorting my Christmas Corona outta my left nostril. God-bless you Whitey...and the Irish Rovers.

Way to go Whitey, you be hangin with brother dufus this week!

And thanks to everyone for playing along this week. And if our picture's any indication it won't matter if you've been naughty or nice this year! God bless us everyone. Merry Christmas. everybody.


Deb said…
"...peas on Earth..." - Perfect! Especially since peas are not allowed in my house - EVER. Sorry. Very bad childhood experience with those evil green mushy things.

Merry Christmas, NND!
I bet you put them up your nose DEB!! lol
Merry Christmas nonamedufus...peas on earth it :)
Whitey said…
I have a feeling that this award is going to be revoked for insider trading. But thanks anyway, Doof.

And, no, this doesn't count as a Christmas present.
nonamedufus said…
Deb: I wrote a whole post about a bad childhood incident with peas last week called Turning the Tables On Vegetables. I hate peas. Merry Christmas, Deb.
nonamedufus said…
IWBY: Up her nose? Now, or when she was a kid? Merry Christmas IWBY.
nonamedufus said…
Whitey: Damn. So I was pushing my luck at your birthday, then?
00dozo said…
Congrats to Whitey! Merry Christmas! Whitey: If you get any more of these badges, you're going to have to get a blog in order to display them all (damn nepotism).

Congrats and Merry Christmas to all of the honourable mentions!

(P.S. I voted in favour of peas, but I think you already knew that, dufus.)
Anonymous said…
Yee haw!

Another honorable mention! I feel so honored!

And whoa to Whitey! He's a permanent dufushanger! Congrats, congrats!
Leeuna said…
Congrats to Whitey. Great caption, even though I love peas.
nonamedufus said…
00dozo:Badges? He don't need no stinkin' badges!
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: You must hold the record for HMs, eh? Merry Christmas and here's to your winning form in the new year.
nonamedufus said…
Leeuna:Well, we won't hold that against you. Hey! Did you vote more than once???
Boom Boom Larew said…
I take it Whitey doesn't like peas either! Well done, Whitey!
nonamedufus said…
Boom Boom: Oh, he likes peas. But he also knows how much I hate them.
Bluezy said…
I really really liked the On Sarah Palin's Alaska one. If you have seen images of her show I swear that she has the same outfit!
nonamedufus said…
Bluezy: I liked it too, though the show's not something I'd go looking for. That'd be an hour from my life I just couldn't get back.

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