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Sunday Funnies - Christmas Edition


all funny,the firt ones my fave.
Remember... there are no wealthy Cindy Lou Whos. And the WikiLeaks guy really does know who's been naughty or nice... especially who's naughty, like him.
00dozo said…
Heh, heh. The first one and the Grinch really cracked me up.

Anonymous said…
Ha! The texting Santa really got my funny bone today!

Linda Medrano said…
This was a piece of work, Dufus!
You really like picking on the Obamas, don't you? As a Democrat, I am deeply disappointed...

...that they make themselves such easy targets as they do. :)
Rosemary said…
Not sure which one I liked best, but I certainly agree with the social comment about our nation's attempt to secularize a holy day. It's NOT a holiday!!
Nicky said…
Nice selection Dufe! Loved that first one, if only because I sorta called it in this week's PPandP!
Sandra said…
Does this mean I should start getting ready for the Cholidays? :)
Ziva said…
Oh my god, of course Julian Assange and Santa is the same guy! It all makes sense now.

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