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Pause Ponder and My Little Pony

What do you get when you cross a race horse with an ostrich? Probably something that looks like that thing in the picture.

You guys had your own ideas. Let' take a look at some of them...

The long shot, Aftershock, got boxed in and Alvarez had to pull her up shorter than he expected tp avoid a collision. Ticket holders were ecstatic when the filly came from behind to win by hald a length.

The real American Quarter Horse

Sarah Jessic Parker heads out for her morning run.

But the quip that made me bite my lip won the day...

Professor Floxington comes in 16254th at the 1st and last annual all-LSD Olympics.

Way to go Mike. Far out, dude. You be hangin' with the dufus this weekend. Peace, man. Groovy. Why don't you come over and I'll put on some Vanilla Fudge and we can bliss for awhile.

Thanks to all who participated this week. We'll see y'all again Wednesday.


That photograph is creepy as all get out.
Cheryl said…
Thanks for the shout. Took me a minute (okay, it took me 5 minutes) to figure out Mike's caption. Now I can't stop giggling.
Nonamedufus said…
I know. But then Princess Anne is not the most attractive of the Royals, is she?
Nonamedufus said…
Well that's how it starts. Then you get the munches.
nonamedufus said…
Yay you!
Cheryl said…
Here's the thing. I kept reading it as LDS and that didn't make any sense. Once I read it correctly, I was so hung up on the whole Mormon thing I simply couldn't get turned around. Then I got the munchies.
nonamedufus said…
Speaking of LDS, has anyone seen Quirky? She's been MIA for a couple of weeks now.

I always have the munchies.

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