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It's In The Jeans

You know that saying "You are what you eat"? Well now your jeans can be. If you eat raspberries, that is. A company called the Naked and Famous Denim is selling a line of "scratch-and-sniff" men's jeans. Yeah, I read it on the internet, so it must be true.

Damn you Prince for giving these guys this idea with your Raspberry Beret.

Actual photo of raspberry jeans.

You know I'm not too sure just who'd do the scratching and who'd do the sniffing. Prince, maybe.

Now the company explains their drift into fruit of the loom territory saying guys don't like to wash their jeans. They like that lived-in look. Raspberry-scented jeans are intended to mask the odor associated with extended wearing. So, hey, you slobs out there, one whiff of these jeans and people will know you never take them off. Now there's something you'll want to be known for. Cool.

But the smell. Uh-huh. Oh, yeah. As the article I read put it: "how many guys are going to pick raspberry as their go-to scent"? Exactly. But the company has thought of that. It plans to manufacture a whole line of scented jeans that will include apple, banana, eucalyptus, grapefruit and mint.

Oh, yeah, that'll make me wanna buy 'em.

Uh, guys? Those aren't exactly, um, manly, smells. Oh, and I forgot to tell you. The jeans go for $150 a pair. Are you going to pay $150 to smell like a fruit salad?

I've got a suggestion for you guys. Save yourself $150. Stick with your old jeans. And lose the napkin when you eat. You can create your own manly smelling jeans. Just spill a little pizza and beer in your lap at dinner time and you'll be set. Not to mention the odor that'll result several hours later. Now those would be manly smelling pants.

Manly, yes. But ladies may not like them too.


Brett Minor said…
This had got to be the most ridiculous product I have heard of. It's hard to believe it is serious.
Quirky Loon said…
This is so wrong on so many levels. All I keep smelling, I mean thinking... heh heh... is that manly smell that reeks of that which shall not be named mixed in with fruity smells.

This must be a conspiracy by the dairy industry to stop people from eating fruits!

Yep, that MUST be it. heh heh
nonamedufus said…
I found it on the internet. It has to be true.
nonamedufus said…
You'd have to scratch these pants a lot to mask a guy's farts, don't you think?
Nicky said…
Hmmmm, nothing like the scent of raspberry BO! Fabulous.

MA Fat Woman said…
Did they come in a middle-aged fat woman's size?
Zack Stieber said…
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nonamedufus said…
Um, no. Do middle-aged fat women eat raspberries?
nonamedufus said…
You mention BO. It's funny. When I first saw this article I thought of Axe deodorant and body wash products. Why are there so many smelly men's products out there. It's almost a "feminization of the modern man conspiracy" or something.
Professor Chaos said…
At least they didn't get their inspiration from Prince's assless pants from around 1989.
nonamedufus said…
Yeah that's like wearing chaps without the pants underneath. Pants with air conditioning.

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