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It's All About Me!

I'm facing a dilemma. (That's dilemma, not dill enema.) My darling wife doesn't want to do anything special for Valentine's Day. I asked her if she'd like to go out for dinner. Thoughtful, right? Actually a tapas restaurant sent me an e-mail suggesting I make a reservation for Valentine's. Some years I'll completely forget about the day of love until it's too late. Thanks to that tapas restaurant, though, this year I was way ahead of myself. But no, my beloved isn't interested in going out.

Okay. So I'll save some money on skipping a romantic dinner. And besides, when you think about it what is Valentine's Day all about anyway. The guy - or guys - it was named after was killed. Yep. There were 3 guys all named Valentine and they were martyred. So, like, we're celebrating their deaths? No, well, history tells us one of them started this whole lovey-dovey day business by sending his jailer's daughter a note - now get this - "from your Valentine". Clever, right? It didn't go over very well with the girl's father, though. No. It all ended rather badly. Surprising how far one has to go to be considered a saint.

Over the years this guy's death, and that of his namesakes, has made Hallmark, Cadbury and FTD all filthy rich. That's right. Every year, the entire guy population around the world spend their hard earned money on cards, chocolates and flowers. All in the name of love. Ha! All in the name of guilt, I say. They're worried that if they don't buy these gifts to demonstrate their undying love - their attestations of amour, if you will - their wives, girlfriends and significant others will be hurt. And where will that lead? No sex for you!

No fear of that in my house. That's because I show my love everyday in every way. Well that's it, isn't it? Why else would my wife want to skip a fancy dinner?

I know. I know.

Because I'm so romantic the other 364 days of the year, she wants to spend a quiet evening at home with me where she's going to shower me with affection and love and a whole bunch of other stuff I won't mention here. That's it, right? Now it's going to be my turn, huh?

Hey. A guy can dream can't he?

Happy Valentine's Day, honey.


Quirky Loon said…
Well uhm... thanks for sharing? HA!

You're a hoot!

And I know the real reason why your wife wants to stay home.... Teen Mom2 anybody?

Kidding! (It's on MTV, cuz I know you never know what shows I'm talking about and I'm a walking t.v. guide heh heh)

Happy Valentine's to you both!
Jayne said…
Love that card. And you get lots of points for trying!
nonamedufus said…
Well I guess Teen Mom2 is better than The Walking far as TV shows go. Can't say I've seen either. Mrs.D is just a little north of 50 and I'd have to say she looks more like a teen than dead. I'd have to...or she'd kill me. Happy Valentine's, Quirks.
nonamedufus said…
I loved that card too. And, yes, I can be trying. Which is why I'm dumbfounded Mrs D. still loves me.
Jayne said…
It's no mystery to me. We all love you, Duf!
Brett Minor said…
Love the card. I may use that one in the future. You have the advantage of a stress-free Valentine's Day that most men would kill for. Make the most of it.
Vaguemax said…
I dunno, I trust Gen. Ackbar. It's a trap!
Shawn said…
Walking Dead is amazing!
Shawn said…
First Valentine's Day. At first I believed her when she said she doesn't believe in the marketing and we should celebrate everyday. II'm sure it was a ploy! But I was smart enough to buy a card and flowers.
meleahrebeccah said…
That card rocks! Happy Valentine's Day.
nonamedufus said…
Nah, it was no trap. Just a nice quiet evening, snuggled up watching TV.
nonamedufus said…
I thought that card was a hoot!
nonamedufus said…
We had a great weekend getaway so we planned on a nice quiet Valentine's. We just celebrated a few days in advance is all.
Nicky said…
Happy (belated) Valentines Day, Dufus! Hope you enjoyed your "hubba hubba" holiday :-)
nonamedufus said…
Hubba, hubba, indeed. We spent the weekend in Montreal. Thought of giving you a call but, hey, three's a prelude to a divorce. Hope you and Jepeto had a wonderful day.

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