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Did Ya Miss Me?

Woah, what gives?

Well, I'm back after a three-week blogcation and just felt the need for a bit of a change.  My last blog background had a mountain in it.  So I thought (I do that from time to time), hey, I'm never gonna climb a mountain, and it has nothing to do with the content I write, so ixnay on the mountain, eh!

I'm test-driving a cleaner, simpler approach.  And in keeping with that cleaner, simpler approach I've also done some weeding...of my blog roll.  Check out "dufus denizens" in the right hand column, where I promote my buds' blogs and their content.  And, I created a couple of pages, the buttons for which are up there under the masthead.

But getting back to mountains, I did fly over some while I was away.  Here's a view of the Rockies on a flight from Calgary to Kelowna...

I was actually quite sociable on my break from computerville, or what Mrs. Dufus calls the "unsociable media" (don't get me started).  We visited with her family: mom, brother, nephew, Tante Poutine (my name for her), cousins and their kids.  It was a full house.  While some visited lavender fields and wineries, went water-skiing and tubing, I sat in the sun by the pool, overlooking the lake taking it easy, sipping some silly pops and reading books.  Formerly a voracious reader, this was something nevertheless new for me as I hadn't really picked up a book in close to a year.  And I went through four of them.  For you literary types, I read 2 works of fiction, one quite hilarious, a humorous memoir and a book about the music business in the late 60s/early 70s:

Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett
Thirty-Nine Years Of Short-Term Memory Loss by Tom Davis (the other half of SNL's Franken and Davis)
Let The Great World Spin by Colum McCann
You Can't Always Get What You Want by Sam Cutler (former tour manager with the Stones and the Dead)

And I still found time for some other things like transfering 18,000 songs to my brother-in-law's iPod from my laptop, playing a little miniature golf - manicured like a real golf course, complete with sand traps and a water hazard.

Here I am addressing the ball: "Hello ball. How are you today?"

And we took in the wonders of Lake Okanagan, repudiated home of the sea monster - I guess "lake" monster would be more apt - Ogopogo...

In case you're wondering here's a rendering of Ogopogo

We didn't see him but that doesn't mean he doesn't exist.

All in all it was a most relaxing vacation spent with good friends - even if they are family - good food, and a daily cocktail hour.

Just to keep my mind and fingers engaged while I was away I left a comment here and there, posted a few things over at The Parody Files, participated in some forums and wrote a piece for Tribal Blogs and joined Studio30 Plus.  And I gave some thought to dropping either my political or music blogs but instead started a tumblr account nonamedufus - A Picture A Day.  It can be accessed here or through the link in the right-hand column.  My post-pal Cat Lady Larew told me in a Tribal Blog forum she thought I was on vacation.  I told her I just could't quit cold turkey.

g-g-g-g-g-gob-b-b-b-ble, g-g-g-g-g-gob-b-b-b-ble

It's good to be back.

Now however, it's nose to the keyboard!

I'll be around to visit everyone soon!


Oh, by the way, see this sign at the top right of my blog?

Do me a favour? Go there right now, click through and vote for me? Having been away for three weeks hasn't helped my vote tally at all. But if you guys were to vote every day for me you could put me over the top! Hoo-yah! Thanks.


Quirkyloon said…
Yay! He's back! With a booky blog and all!

I like the look in here!

And whoa nomie you sure were busy cyber-ing on your cyber vacay!

Yay! He's back.

You were missed.
nonamedufus said…
Quirks: Maybe the booky look will remind me to read the dozen or so books I've had sittin' around for ages. I did do the odd cyber-related thing or two but I didn't touch my blogs for 3 weeks. That was tough! Thanks for missin' me.
Ziva said…
You're back! We definitely missed you. I almost didn't recognize the place when I saw the new look, but I definitely like it. And I found the little vote for you button and did it. Vote that is, not "it". Yeah. Anyway, it's good to have you back!
Welcome back. Good Omens is a great book. But then anything Terry Pratchett has to do with is great. Gaiman too, but Terry's my man. His Discworld series is unbeatable for fun (although the first book is a bit weak).

Nice new design. And yes, I voted. You've got some catching up to do, there.
nonamedufus said…
Ziva: Good to be back and rekindling my blog-ships. Glad you like the look and thanks for doing "it".
nonamedufus said…
Frank: Good of you to drop by. A colleague/friend gave me Good Omens years ago and I left it in a hotel room. He recently gave me another copy and I'm glad he did. It was a hoot. Based on your recommendation, I'll have to look into more Pratchett books. Thanks for the vote. I WAS winning when I was the only blog listed. Oh, well.
I'm glad you're back, NoName. I was starting to worry that you might take some time off and just decide to quit. That's been happening lately, you know.

Your new look is super bright and very bookish. I like it, but I'm concerned I might be too loud or have some overdue fines to pay, so it makes me nervous.

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun, especially the visit to Lake Okanagan. I didn't know there was a lake in Canada that had a monster in it, but I'm glad to know it because I love legends like that. Now I'm off to read about it.
00dozo said…
Welecome back! I missed ya! Hell, we all missed ya.

Nice new digs. I came, I saw, I voted too! (Can I vote more than once??)

Glad you had a relaxing time - B.C is really beautiful (I lived there for a couple of years).
nonamedufus said…
Mike: Shhhhh! Just kidding. Yeah, after 3 weeks away I decided to come back. Too bad about some folks stopping and not starting their blogs again. Chelle and Me-Me are 2 folks that come to mind. But I came back with a vengeance, just this side of Bruce Willis, (too obscure?) with a new design and some bells and whistles.

The vacation was great. Kelowna's right on Lake Okanagan which is about 135km long. No forest fires this year, although some days it was a little smokey from fires to the north and south of us.

I'm glad you and other folks remembered me. I was worried people would forget about me after 3 weeks!
nonamedufus said…
00dozo: Heya! Good to be back amongst ya. Thanks for the vote. I think you can do it once a day - not sure. But go ahead and try!

The left coast is beautiful. I've always loved it. Kelowna's in the interior but the mountains and lake are simply majestic.

We celebrated 3 birthdays on my wife's side of the family while we were out there - hr brother's 50th, mother's 80th and cousin's wife's mufferfa. (Your secret's good with me, Dawn) A good time was had by all.
K A B L O O E Y said…
Hmmm.... mufferfa. That sounds naughty. Glad to have you back. And damn, I DO owe library fines. Will laugh for rest of my life whenever anyone references Carney's "Helloooo, ball."
nonamedufus said…
KABLOOEY: And good to have you back. Yeah that Carney bit was priceless. It's stayed with me too.
CatLadyLarew said…
Hey... I go away for a week and you sneak back in while I'm gone? I'm so insulted! But welcome back... you've been missed! Now to catch up on what you've been doing while I've been away...
nonamedufus said…
CL: Hey, there you are. What's the idea going away for a week, just when I get back? Good to be back and good to see you.

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