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Dufus Does Death To A Diet

Earlier in the week I promised to share with you how I prepared breakfast on our fishing trip. I've kept my promise. Keep in mind: it's a guy thing.
If cholesterol be the food of love, stick a fork in me, turn me over and call me Eros.

This high caloric, cholesterol-laden concoction is swimming in fat, grease and guilt but, nom nom nom, it is sooo good.

Nonamedufus' Specials have become a yearly tradition with me and my fishin’ buddies. Each June 3 or 4 of us traipse into the wilds of the “near North” of Ontario to Lake Temagami once bass season opens. We tell our wives we’re roughin’ it and we kick back at a place called Loon Lodge and watch satellite TV, drink beer, eat huge Lodge-prepared dinners, enjoy the sun and swat at the odd black fly. Oh, yeah, sometimes we actually fish.

Provisions for our fishing folly are procured ahead of time at the grocery, liquor and beer stores in North Bay about an hour away from Lake Temagami. The local economy (particularly the beer store) gets a considerable boost from 4 guys headed out for 8 days on the lake. Now the dinners are provided by the Lodge. So that leaves 2 other meals and snacks that the guys are responsible for. Deli meats, pickled eggs, chips, pretzels and hot dogs are the usual staples for lunch and snacks. But breakfast is another matter entirely.

In the late of the evening - well, actually, long before dinner - after a long, hard day out on the lake the guys break out the beer and the booze, sit back and shoot the breeze about the one that got away or deride the one guy who didn’t catch anything. We’re close like that – hey, two of these guys are my brothers. With a break for dinner, the discussing – and the drinking – continues until the moon rises and the call of the loon beckons us to our beds.

In the morning, it’s sometimes difficult to get moving for some reason. Here’s where the Nonamedufus' Specials come into play. The bread, the grease and the cholesterol counteracts the effects of the booze and simply soaks it up. A side of tomato juice is the perfect accompanying breakfast beverage, spiked or au natural. Of course after each of us eating two of these there’s a rush to see who can get to the bathroom first. But once our business is done, we’re fresh, revived and ready to face another beer, er, ah, day!

Here’s how you can make your own Nonamedufus' Specials:
-turn stove burner to #3
- melt, butter, margarine or cooking spray in pan
- cook bacon (2 strips per special) (low sodium back bacon can be substituted by wusses)
- cook eggs easy-over in same pan using grease from bacon
- place slice of cheddar cheese on egg when egg is flipped and let melt
- cut and toast English muffins
- add salt and pepper while eggs cooking
- place 2 slices of bacon and 1 egg with cheese on open English muffin
- put other half of English muffin on top
- voila, a feast fit for a king size hangover
- can be served with a side of fried potatoes (also cooked in bacon grease) and a glass of orange or tomato juice

Happy eating!


Now THAT'S a breakfast! Yum! I'd go fishing with you anytime... just as soon as I get back from the cardiologist.
Anonymous said…
I'm salivating.

ReformingGeek said…
That looks awesome!
nonamedufus said…
CatLadyLarew: I'll put you on our guest list.

Quirkyloon: It doesn't take much.

ReformingGeek: Oh yeah, and it tastes even better.
Canadian Blend said…
That looks a lot like the Egg McMuffin I have each morning. I've a feeling your creation is a bit more flavorful. (Bacon makes everything better.)
nonamedufus said…
Canadian Bleand: It's all in the bacon grease!
Anonymous said…
I'll bet none of you are on cholesterol lowering meds, either.


Ms. Thirty Something
Anonymous said…
Oh, man, I wish I hadn't had cheerios for breakfast now. Thanks.
Unknown said…
Oh yeah, right up my alley. Only two slices of bacon? Now that is for wusses. I say at least four per sandwich. I love to fish. I really do.
nonamedufus said…
Ms 30?: Actually, I'm on I don't have to worry, right?

UR: Cherrios? You're gonna live a long healthy life.

ettarose: Now you're talkin'!
nipsy said…
You just named my children's favorite breakfast meal. And I don't care how many doctors say its bad, I will NEVER stop cooking with bacon grease. At least I know whats in that.
nonamedufus said…
nipsy: So you're a member of the CAA? (Clogged Arteries Anonymous)
John J Savo said…
Hell yeah! Gotta love that bacon grease.

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