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Sunday Funnies


Favorite is the first one. Maybe because I'm tired, but also maybe because it's the first one and it struck me funny. Or maybe it is funny. :) Whatever the reason, I liked it and I approve of your selection. <-- Whew! You were wondering, weren't you, until then? ;)
The pine tar wasn't too obvious, was it?
Debra She Who Seeks said…
Home delivery, LOL!
nonamedufus said…
If I had to pick one I'd go with "Habs Re-habs".
nonamedufus said…
The whole baggage handling thing really annoys me. Aren't these guys paid enough?
Indigo Roth said…
Hey Dufus! As ever, you nailed it. D'you know, if I didn't come here, I would have NO exposure to Canadian politics and sport? It may help that the NFL will be in both Toronto and London sometime soon ;) Indigo
nonamedufus said…
It's just one of the many services I provide, Indigo.

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