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Sunday Funnies


Letterman in a retirement home... hahahaha! (The two of you would probably make great roommates there.)
Hey, that's not nice, lady...even if it is true. ;)
I never claimed to be nice, Bryan!
nonamedufus said…
Ha ha we'd have a great time although I don't think I could stay up as late as he does.
Ha. Sunday Funnies are just as funny on Wednesdays. Just sayin'. *smile*

The Healthcare/Unconscious coupling one really hit the funny bone hard.

The "I liked the book better." with regards to the Noah movie came in second.

AND...don't hit me with tomatoes or sumpin',

I'm not a Letterman Fan.

I thought the comics were funny, but then......


nonamedufus said…
I liked that conscious uncoupling one too. I think Gwyneth Paltrow has a serious entry for next year's Oxford.

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