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Pause Ponder and Paperback Rider

We didn't get much reaction to this week's pic. I suspect many folks are enjoying the last days of summer and probably missed our paperback riders, here.

Too bad. I liked this pic. Gives new meaning to the term bookmarks, don't you think?

Well let's see what our participants this week DID think, shall we? All 2 of them.

I'm glad the Erector set I had as a kid wasn't like this new age set!

This lovely self-assembly bookcase comes with sturdy built-in bookends.

Special care instructions: Never use feather dusters!

Our winner this week had all the angles covered (unlike our friends in the photo) and almost all the captions.

I wanted the new furniture made from pussywillow, my wife insisted on hard wood.

Okay, there, Skeeter you win. Of course with 3 of the 4 entries this week your chances were pretty good. Nevertheless, congratulations guy. You're hangin' with dufus again. I think we ought to take a trip to IKEA and see if they have a female version of this bookcase. I mean we already have the allen key, if you know what I mean, right?


Paula Wooters said…
OOOH... sorry I missed this one! It's a goody!
Cheryl said…
I didn't miss it, I just chose to bow out knowing I was incapable of competing with Skeeter's first 2 captions. I did enjoy coming back on a daily basis to giggle. Whoever photoshopped this did a great job.
Shawn @ said…
Great winning line from Skeeter!
Ziva said…
Haha, absolutely hilarious! Congrats, Skeeter!
nonamedufus said…
Paula, you "barely" made it.
nonamedufus said…
Yeah, I'm afraid the rest just didn't stack up this week.
nonamedufus said…
I think his caption speaks "volumes".
nonamedufus said…
Well I appreciate your candidness. I guess that's the naked truth then, eh?
skeeter said…
I thought 3 comments was the bare minimum this week! Thanks yall
nonamedufus said…
ha... ha... ha...

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