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Pause Ponder and Pun #132

Anybody hungry enough to win our little contest this week?

Leave as many captions as you like in the comments.

We'll iron things out Saturday when we announce a winner.

Oh, and happy 4th of July to my American blog buddies!

How many of you guys will be dancing with pigs today to celebrate that thing called "in de pen dance"?


PJHar said…
Look, Ma, no hands!

Michael Wolfe said…
Years of hard living and bad fashion have taken their toll on Lady Gaga.
Michael Wolfe said…
What good is all that magnetism when you're still a slave to the good 'ol watchband?
meleahrebeccah said…
"How many of you guys will be dancing with pigs today to celebrate that thing called "in de pen dance"?"

NOT ME!!!!
Lauren said…
I don't dance with pigs, though I eat with them.
babs (beetle) said…
I can use super-glue without my fingers sticking together.
Michael Wolfe said…
lol @ Babs

That will be hard to top :)
Shawn @ said…
Service for 8 has uncomplicated appeal. This set contains all of the essentials for your entertaining needs.
Set includes: 7 Forks. A Silver plated serving iron. Three brick shaped napkins. And a portly Asian man who comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Quirky Loon said…
I've got an iron-clad alibi. And so do the forks. They were with me when that little "accidental" death by bricks happened.

NickyandMike said…
He can polish your silver, iron your blouses and build you a house - all while dancing a jazz number.
skeeter said…
AGT ( Asia's Got Talent) didn't quite produce the quality acts like AGT ( America's Got Talent) did!

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