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Smiling Phases

Well, the moving truck has come and gone; the basement is virtually empty; I've never seen Philippe more excited, nor Maryse more emotional.

The big move is pretty much accomplished. Maryse went down to Montreal yesterday with Philippe to help him clean the apartment and get him settled. I had chemo and several medical appointments and couldn't go, so apart from pictures, I haven't seen the apartment yet.

Philippe's back today for a dental appointment, then Saturday's the big good-bye. If I'm doing well, post-chemo, I intend to motor down with him and Maryse and see Philippe's new digs.

This all makes for some big changes in all our lives. A new beginning, really. As David Clayton Thomas once put it "smiling phases".

Book: Knights of the Black and White by Jack Whyte

Music: At My Age by Nick Lowe


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