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On the Rideau

Pierre and I spent the day on the Rideau River by Manotick today, fishing. It was a gorgeous day. We each packed a lunch, the sun was shining and, while the Weather Network said it was 25 degrees, it seemed much warmer sitting at anchor in the sunshine. I really appreciate going out with Pierre was a most enjoyable day. And fish? We caught plenty of weeds, and Pierre lost two lures to trees - TREES! - along the shore. (Actually Pierre did catch a small fish but he tossed it back before I could snap a picture of just how small it was.) And I lost a lure to the bottom. That's fishing! Have to make a trip to Bass Pro soon at this rate.

The Rideau at Manotick is such a picturesque area and some of the homes there are simply amazing...

Book: Lisey's Story by Stephen King

Music: Twelve by Patti Smith


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