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Bit of a Setback

Well, I encountered a bit of a setback today regarding my cancer. When I went to the General for my appointment with Dr Anstee of the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit, I learned my hemoglobin has dropped off and I need a transfusion. Friday at 8am, I'm booked for 4 hours. Of course I kinda knew I was in trouble. I'd been very tired and out of breath climbing stairs. As well, it seems I need another chemo treatment before I go high-dose prior to my transplant. So I'm waiting to get booked for that - it'll likely be the first week of August. Then we'll plan the rest of the procedure for after Megan's wedding, September 2.
The following is a lengthy overview of hemoglobin from Wikipedia. The important part is the section "Role in Disease".

Book: Lisey's Story by Stephen King
Music: Anchored in Love - A Tribute to June Carter Cash


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