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The Story of Baby Dinger

Betsy and Bob Dinger were always the object of snide remarks because they had a lot of children. An even twelve - six boys and six girls. Their neighbours said they must have been strong believers in equality and fervent practicing Catholics.

Others said they could run two hockey or basketball teams. Or one soccer or baseball team. And as the children grew that's exactly what Betsy and Bob Dinger did. Although they favoured fielding a baseball team as several of their children were great hitters and were capable of knocking a few family namesakes out of the park - that is to say dingers.

Then one day the unexpected happened. Although after twelve children I guess it shouldn't be unexpected. Betsy was pregnant with child number thirteen.

Dave Dinger, Doug Dinger, Donald Dinger, Dick Dinger, Ducky Dinger, Duane Dinger and their sisters Diane Dinger, Dahlia Dinger, Dakota Dinger, Daisy Dinger, Debbie Dinger and Donna Dinger were going to have a brother or sister.

As summer turned to fall and baseball season gave way to trips to the hockey arena Betsy finally had her baby - a girl. Bob and Betsy thought a daughter Dinger was just fine.

After several weeks it quickly became evident that this child was different. Betsy loved to sing to her newest child as she would rock her to sleep. The odd thing was Doris Dinger - that's what Betsy and Bob named her - would wheeze along with the tune. It wasn't that she had trouble breathing but that she seemed to murmur along to any tune Betsy sang to her. Bob, passing by the nursery door one night was shocked to hear mother and child singing and purring and he stopped in the doorway, peeked in the room and whispered to Betsy "Whoa, that's some humdinger we've got there!"

The prompt at Two Word Tuesday is humdinger/dilly this week. And that was a dilly of an effort to reach that pun.


ReformingGeek said…
For some reason I may be hearing doorbells all night. Sigh.

How DO you think of these?

nonamedufus said…
I wonder why.

How do I think of these? My mind's pre-set that way.
Paula Wooters said…
That's a humdinger of a story you have there!
nonamedufus said…
I did my humdinger best.

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