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My Back Pages - May

In May I read four books. My yearly total now stands at 23. The Ottawa Senators two playoff series, first with the Rangers and then with the Penguins ate into my reading time as did binge watchIng six seasons of VEEP, one of the funniest series I've ever seen.

I started out the month with two Rex Stout mysteries, Over My Dead Body followed by Where There's a Will, numbers seven and eight in the Nero Wolfe canon. Satisfying reads as always.

Then I moved on to Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night by Jason Zinoman. This was an interesting look at Letterman. I never knew the fella had, according to Zinoman, so many insecurities. I always preferred Letterman over Leno so I enjoyed this account and went all the way with five stars.

I concluded the month with Neil Gaiman's American Gods. I saw the video version was running on Netflix but wanted to read the book before I watched it. I read the 10th anniversary version of the book on Kindle complete with audio excerpts. It was a great read and I gave Gaiman five out of five stars.

I mentioned VEEP as part of my viewing choices in May. I also kept up to speed with Circus, Madam Secretary, and Billions.

My wife and I staring watching the fifth season of House of Cards which we simply love.

And I got into trouble because I watched the first episode of the new Twin Peaks without her. I'm waiting for her availability before I watch the second episode. My momma didn't raise no dummies. Well, except for my middle brother Steve. Happy reading!

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Cheryl said…
Rick doesn't understand the concept of binge watching together and I can't sit and watch anything while paying attention for too long. I didn't know anything about VEEP, and based on your review, I'm going to give it a go.
Had comment here, but got lost somehow. Trying again. I'm at 23 too, probably because of binge-watching too.
nonamedufus said…
Cheryl: VEEP is hilarious. I loved it. I new to was there but didn't watch it either until a friend recommended it. There's a lot of foul language but I think you'll like it. You ca watch it next time Rick goes for a run.
nonamedufus said…
Bryan: I've really fallen off this year. Seems the older I get the longer it takes me to get through a book. I'm turning into a slow reader. Depends on the book I guess.

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