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Nodding In Agreement - @Studio30Plus Writing Prompt

Bob and Carol had spent three nights together now... in the office. They were senior officers of the In Your Face ad agency and they'd been putting their heads together on a pitch for a new client. Ted and Alice had tried and failed.

"Ouch" yelled Bob. "What?" cried Alice. "My head hurts from putting our heads together" said Bob. Carol was nodding in agreement. "Oh yeah, well my neck hurts from always nodding in agreement" said Carol. You don't always have to agree" said Bob. "Well the prompt says 'nodding in agreement', right? It doesn't say nodding in disagreement, does it?" "I see your point" said Bob "right at the tip of your head, hah, hah, hah." "O knock it off" said Carol. "We have work to do."

"That's right," said Bob. "But so far we've failed big time" he said sadly, looking to see if Carol was nodding in agreement.

"We need to achieve the level of exposure similar to CS Janey," said Carol. "CS Janey? Who the hell is CS Janey? queried Bob. "You know, CS Janey over at Studio30+," said Corol. "The blogger of the week? Hell, she's so good she's been blogger of the week now for something like 150 weeks!"

"Oh, yeah, right" said Bob, nodding in agreement, "how the hell does she do it?

"Well I don't think she has anything to do with it, actually" said Carol knowingly. "Wait," said Bob. "Did you just say that knowingly?" "Yes I did" said Carol nodding in agreement knowingly. "Well, out with it cried Bob. Are you nodding in agreement knowingly? What do you know that I don't know?

"Well" said Carol "I think the folks over at Studio30+ would be nodding in agreement when I said someone's simply nodded off and forgotten to update the Blogger of the Week feature."

"I think I see where you're going with this" said Bob. "You're saying all we have to do is nod off and maybe our client (italics Bob's) could get 150 weeks of free publicity."

"Exactly" said Carol, nodding in agreement.


Kenneth Lawson said…
reads like the proverbial tongue twister
Linda Medrano said…
Bob and Carol, okay. But when do they get together with Ted and Alice? This was great, but you just didn't take it too far. Too far is my favorite vacation spot!
Katy B. said…
I thought, "Hey, I know that name." Well, no $Hi+! She's had some exposure for sure. Thanks for the laugh!
ReformingGeek said…
I'm just shaking my head at this one!
nonamedufus said…
It does, doesn't it.
nonamedufus said…
I know that name too. I see it every week when I sign in to get the prompt. I just had to do something with it. Kind of an inside joke for us few remaining participants in the weekly prompt.
nonamedufus said…
Yeah, it's kind of a Studio30+ inside joke. I don't see how you'd ne nodding in agreement at this one.
nonamedufus said…
Well, maybe there'll be a Part Two. You know, something like What Happens When Four Consulting Adults Are Caught Nodding in Agreement.
Tara R. said…
Not sure which Power That Be is in charge of that one...
nonamedufus said…
I'm nodding my head in agreement.

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