Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Dandelions - @Studio30Plus Writing Prompt

As he warmed his hands by the roaring fire following a successful hunt Thor thought about his charmed life. He and is family and friends had come a long way since their great-grandparents fled the  Garden of Eden. Loin cloths kept them modest and furs kept them warm and apples kept them healthy.

Thor's brother Bert had come up with a name for their tribe. He called them cave men because, duh, they spent a lot of time living in caves. It would be hundreds of years, nay thousands, before females would be referred to as cave women.

The tribe was indebted to his uncle George who, scraping a stick across rocky ground, had accidentally invented fire and had accidentally set their huts on fire. But that's another story. The warmth from the blaze was great but the gang was waiting to see who might come up with the first frying pan. And maybe a coffee pot. But we're getting ahead of ourselves, thought Thor. Someone had to invent bacon and coffee first.

His sister, Beautiful One, had been keeping track of the tribe's activities such as the number of kills and types of animals brought to their deaths on the cave walls for all to see. She was quite the artist and a few drawings of cats adorned her wall. She's so smart and artistic, thought Thor. While he hard so many posts of cats he nevertheless thought her efforts are the first attempts at social media. And that selfie she posted on her wall was amazing, although she came pretty close to inventing the first French postcard thought Thor.

That afternoon. Thor's cousin - everyone was Thor's cousin, you understand - Joe sat down with Thor and shared a liquid concoction he called whine, which he said he did a lot of in his efforts to make it. "How did you make it?" asked Thor, Bert, uncle George and Beautiful One at once. "It's from dandelions" said Joe. "I call it dandelion's whine."

The gang drank all the whine and were soon in their cups which was unusual because cups had not been invented yet.

All of a sudden the alarm was raised among their little community. "What's happening?" queried Thor. "Lions" said his sister. "They've surrounded us."

"Spears" cried uncle George. "We need to kill them. Winter's coming and we can use their fur for warmth and the rest of them for food."

"Exactly" said Thor. "We're so lucky to come across such dandy lions."

Little did he know it but after, fire, loin cloths, the wheel, social media and oh so close to French postcards, Thor had just invented the first pun. Dandy lions. His heart beat with pride.


ReformingGeek said...

Oh, oh, OH! You're killing me with your pride.


nonamedufus said...

Thanks, Tara.I try.

Joe said...

Oh, the mirth! This was very punny! Love the spin on the prompt.

nonamedufus said...

Those who know me well know that punny is my middle name.

Laura Alonso said...

I love reading your writes here waiting for the inevitable massive smile at the end. Great!

nonamedufus said...

Just call me the Immodium of humour with a smile at the end, Laura. Thanks.

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