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Pause Ponder and Pun #105


Captain Picard?

Well, whoever. This guy made it, so, he's definitely gone where no man has gone before.

Wouldn't you say?

You wouldn't?

Then what would you say?

By the way, this is a first for Pause Ponder and Pun. Our pic has been sent to us by a fellow interweb interloper. Yeah, Screaming Me-Me sent me this. You remember Me-Me? Funny former blogger from arid Arizona? Yeah, that's her. No, no not in the picture. She sent me the picture.

Never mind.

Hey, if you want to send me a picture leave me a message on Facebook or e-mail me at

We'll see you Saturday.


Totsymae said…
I think he's downright sexy and doesn't even need a pole.
moooooog35 said…
This is disgusting. Everyone knows you wear red pumps with fishnet stockings.
Laughingmom said…
Sometimes a Rocky Horror fan just needs to "dream it" not "be it."
Malisa said…
Tom Colicchio is very serious about his role of head judge on Top Chef.
quirkyloon said…
[Picard, Data and Worf are attacked and pursued by Kolaran natives]
Picard: I think it's time to try some unsafe velocities.


I can't take credit... I looked it up.


quirkyloon said…
Picard: [after being transported to the Scimitar] Why am I here? Why have you done this?
Praetor Shinzon: I was lonely.

meleahrebeccah said…
I am literally speechless.
00dozo said…
"Lacey things, the wife is missing.
Didn't ask, for her permission
I'm wearing her clothes,
her silk panty hose.
Walking around in women's underwear."

(Lyrics courtesy of Bob Rivers)

What? 'Tis the season to be Molly.

nonamedufus said…
Well that won't do. This is a caption contest!
LOTGK said…
Wrong Said Fred.
The Screaming Me-Me!!! said…
Ahahaha, great captions! I'm curious though, how would Moog know about wearing red heels with fishnets? And, no, I'm not buying the strip joint angle.
Mike said…
"Make it 'sew'"

Little fabric joke there. Get it?

Ok. I'll go away.
Mike said…
"This week on What Not To Wear we'll be showing you how to safely store a ladder."
Vaguemax said…
Oh damn, I forgot the gloves. How could you shoot this without the gloves! They complete the look!. Geez, Worf, Tasha would have found the gloves.
Skeeter- said…
Isn't that Jerry Sandusky's photo, advertising for "the second mile "here at Penn State?

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