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Pause Ponder and Percolate

Thank you, my friend. That's quite an endorsement. From the most interesting man in the world to the most interesting caption contest on the interwebs!

So, what have we got this week? Well, I jokingly said our coffee girl was my good blogging buddy Nicky. She tells me, though, she never drinks coffee. So I guess she isn't as flexible as I first thought.

But the rest of our commenters were, submitting a variety of questionable captions. And those are the best kind!

The picture a minute before was stirring in the cream and sugar. It's even more impressive. 
nudge-nudge, wink-wink

Despite years spent working at the local diner, Janie never could grasp the concept of the bottomless cup of coffee.

This is NOT why your mother told you to wear clean underwear.

One fart or two of sugar...erm, I mean cubes of sugar.

And our winner this week, really made me laugh. Well, of course she did. She even has "laugh" in her name.

Everyman's dream barista!

Way to go, Laughingmom. You really bent over backwards with that effort. You be hangin' with dufus this week. Yes, ma'am. You know I dated a barista once. And when I broke it off, boy, did she ever get steamed. You wanna get together and grab a cup of coffee? No? That's okay. I understand. I'm flexible. Maybe we can find a yoga class instead.

So remember, folks, next week we'll be commenting on a pic my old blogging pal Screaming Me-Me sent, um, me. (I didn't mean "old" in age, Me-Me. I just meant back-in-the-day you and I used to blog together. You know back when they first invented the internet.) Be sure and join us for that.

Oh, and you drive-byers click on these folks' links to visit their blogs. They're pretty funny people.

And remember what the Spanish guy says:


Laughingmom said…
Thanks dufus! I'd love to join you for yoga or coffee. I just don't want to spread myself too thin!
nonamedufus said…
HaHaHa...that's funny. I think you just won the funniest comment in accepting having the funniest comment. You know that woman in the picture is practicing what to do in case of a nuclear attack, eh? She's
putting her head between her knees and kissing her ass goodbye.
quirkyloon said…
Congrats Laughing Mom! I knew that was a winner! It made me laugh the loudest. And snort a booger or two out. heh heh

Can't wait to see MeMe's pic! Whoo-hoo!
nonamedufus said…
Snort out a booger or two? Keep that kind of thing up Quirky and you can send me a pic of yourself for our little contest. ;)
Irondance said…
20 is the new 69

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