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Bibliofile - December

Well it was the last month of the year and I knew I wouldn't make it. I'd said back in January that I'd probably read 75 books in 2015. Alas I was a tad short. After adding the 5 books I read in December I came down to 62 books for the year. Still, not bad. That's still a lot of pages, electronic or otherwise.

Taking quick look at December's reads, then, I started out with the latest from one of my favourite authors and one of my favourite characters of his Inspector Rebus, who is retired now but is "consulting" the police.. Even Dogs in the Wild was sheer joy. It did not disappoint.

Next up was a new author for me, Peggy Blair, and her first instalment of her Inspector Remirez series The Beggar's Opera.The novel takes place in Havana and has a Canadian connection. Oddly enough the author is Canadian. I can't recall how I picked up on this book but it was well worth the read.

I'd seen a Facebook friend talk about Burning Down George Orwell's House and I thought how could I refuse not reading a title like that. I was pleasantly surprised by Andrew Ervin's debut novel about a guy that wants to be alone and ends up renting the same house George Orwell lived in. Ervin writes with humour and his insights into Orwell are interesting.

What can one say about High Fidelity. Remember the movie with John Cusack? The book is even better. Way better.

And I ended off the month with a book about Allen Klein. the former business manager of the Stones and, through their break up, the Beatles. A fascinating read if you want to see behind the scenes to the Beatles financial flame out as well as a little history around Klein and the music business.

So that concludes my month and my year between the covers (note Rolling Stone reference). Next week I'll give you my favourites of the year.

Here's how I rated last month's books.

Even Dogs Run Wild - Ian Rankin *****
The Beggar's Opera (Inspector Rameriz #1) - Peggy Blair ****
Burning Down George Orwell's House - Andrew Ervin ****
High Fidelity - Nick Hornby - ****
Allen Klein: The Man Who Bailed Out the Beatles,
Made the Stones and Transformed Rock and Roll - Fred Goodman ****


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