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He Knew The Truth - @Studio30Plus Writing Prompt

Gorax peered out over the landscape. It was kind of like watching a Samsung flatscreen because Gorax was a pupil of the little known planet of Retina where all inhabitants sported 13 eyeballs held aloft from their head by two giant horns.

Gorax's pal and room mate Scrotum came from another planet known as Testicle. We won't go into what his physical features were. Save to say that Gorax, as Scrotum would often tell others, "he knew the truth".

The truth? I hear you say. Yes, Scrotum was very brave. Dare I say, not unlike a golfer, he had a lot of balls.

On this morning Gorax and Scrotum were a little hung over. Yes, Scrotum was naturally hung but this day was different. As Gorax rubbed the sleep from his eyes - for him a time consuming activity - Scrotum said "You know Gorax I think we got a little wasted last night. I could almost remember us seeing eye to eye, to eye, to eye, to eye - well you get the drift - in our discussion about acid reflux."

"Are you nuts" exclaimed Gorax, turning from the window to espy Scrotum. "Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to state the obvious. But apart from that I believe you're mistaken. I don't want to inflame things again but considering the optics you've got a lot of nerve."

Scrotum stiffened, and considering his physical attributes that we didn't go into earlier, it was not a pretty sight. "Since you can't see your way to agree with me, which shouldn't be a problem for somebody with 13 eyes, I think it best I go for a walk until we both cool down. The last thing I want to do is hang out here right now."

And with that Scrotum collected up his sack...of books and proceeded to make his way out the door.

"Have it your way, Scrotum", said Gorax.  But just so you know I think you're being overly dramatic. Nevertheless I'll await your return."

"Sure" said Scrotum. "I suppose you'll keep an eye out for me."

"Oh, Scrotum, don't be so corny, ya?"


jannaverse said…
I love lowBROW humor. I'd burst out laughing, but I'm in a public place and people might LASH out at me. (Not as good as being in a PUBIC place, but hey. Most scrotums don't have free Wi-Fi.)

Just giving you a HARD time.
nonamedufus said…
Notre Dame is one of my favourite college teams, Janna. Go Nads Go.
jannaverse said…
I'm not really a sports fan so I probably wouldn't ERECT a monument to them. Honestly I don't know JACK about sports, but as long as they're good with the BALL, I guess that's what counts....
nonamedufus said…
Janna, you're one very sick person. EYE like that in a woman.
Kir said…
Once again, you um, blow the prompt out the water and make it funny and extremely intelligent. (I also like the back and forth with Janna...just like good foreplay. Ahem)

Nice work ;)
nonamedufus said…
My good, Kir, I think all this punning is as contagious as an STD. Janna and I go way back. She's one of the funniest persons on the internet.
TMW Hickman said…
Hahahahaha! This was just what I needed! Well done. Bravo!
nonamedufus said…
Glad you enjoyed it. Then I guess I'm not nuts then.
Tara R. said…
Laughed out loud several times reading this. Nicely done.
nonamedufus said…
Then my work here is done. Thank you, Tara.

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