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Pause Ponder and Pun #153

I'm not gonna say a thing.

I'm gonna leave it to you to come up with an appropriate caption.

Leave it in the comments.

We'll see you Saturday with the results.

I can't wait.

In the meantime drop by Screaming MeMe's place for her weekly caption contest.


Indigo Roth said…
Scientists have developed a new strain of aggressive plastic supermarket bags that are even MORE dangerous to kids.
Agent 54 said…
Maria's yard sale went extremely well on Saturday.
Debra She Who Seeks said…
"I couldn't help myself -- they had such a good deal on fresh kids at the supermarket today!"
madmadmargo said…
At the checkout, Marge chose the appropriate bag when asked, "Paper or Plastic?".
ReformingGeek said…
"Free to any home."
babs (beetle) said…
And I thought the stork brought them.
Static said…
Kyle decisively misunderstood when his mom told him to take out the trash.
Boom Boom demonstrates her mad skills at keeping preschoolers out of trouble day after day.
Cheryl said…
Anne Geddes fired her biographer for releasing her first whimsical baby photo to the tabloids.
Shawn Ohara said…
No. no. no. I said, A container of milk, a loaf of bread, and a stick of BUTTER.

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