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Pause Ponder and Pirouettes

Well, folks, I knew this picture would get a rise out of you. I think this is the Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire male dancer secret handshake. But leave it to you guys to have other ideas.

"See? I told you that these hats defy gravity!"

I ate a bottle of yeast today. I'm rising. Hey, so are you!

Hazards of the "pull my finger" joke.

"I see that you too have met Wayne, the Wedgie Master."

And our winner is...drum roll...the same guy that went for all the marbles last week. Some would say he's lost his marbles...

Bill and Dan were pretty gassy after eating at the Mexican place.

Hey, her, hey Moooooog. You tap danced your way nicely into the winner's spot this week. Congratulations. You be hangin' out with dufus. So wanna get together for Mexican? We have a couple of good places in town and I think it'd be cheaper than dance lessons.


quirkyloon said…
Haha! That's a great one. The moooooogster does it again! He's got a permanent spot on the rope. Heh heh

And thankee kindly sir for the honorable or I mean honourable (this is a Canadian blog, no? I mean, eh?)

And the other honourees (see the "u!") were mighty funny and punny too!
nonamedufus said…
I must say you are a great neighbo(u)r to have, Quirks. One of the most hono(u)rable out there.
00dozo said…
Congrats, Mooooog! What is it with guys and flatulence, anyway? I think, though, that Bill and Dan are a little more than just gassy. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

And, congrats to all the other hono(u)rables!

Thanks for another mention, dufus! Oh, and congrats and thanks Quirks because without "u", "Qirky" just sounds weird.

nonamedufus said…
Okay, okay. You win the clothespin award for the best comment about the comments. That was too much.

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