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Pay You For What?

I've always liked Americans. And America for that matter. For example, I've always admired their proud attachment to history. A little over the top at times for this catatonic Canadian but to be admired nevertheless. And I've always liked visiting the States. D.C. for example. Boston. Chicago. And of course Disney World. But my favourite spot has to be spending a week or two in Ogunquit, Maine - a picturesque spot on the Atlantic Ocean to shop, eat, drink sun and swim. And we're close to my blogging buddy and photographer Cheryl Duford.

I've followed the NBA, NCAA Basketball, NASCAR and the NFL - all those American N-starting acronym sports.

But my American friends are considering boosting their budget off my back and of my fellow Canadians. Yeah, you heard me. President Obama, who I also admire, is considering a border fee to be charged to anyone who is driving to the United States. Say what? You can't squeeze enough out of Americans you have to tax Canadians and Mexicans now? I already have to hand over fresh fruit and plants when I enter the States. What's next?

I'm glad you asked!

Hand over my first born male child?

Pledge allegiance to the flag?

And the nation for which it stands?

Swear to become a Boston Red Sox fan (sorry Yankees), forsaking the Blue Jays forever more?

Buy an American car? (Yeah, like that's gonna happen.)

Of course, this is like a tax on a tax. Oddly enough every time I go to the States I spend an awful lot of money. Factory outlets, golf courses, pubs. Not necessarily in that order. Why would I pay a fee on top of that to go there and do that.

And I can't help but think if Canada came up with this idea first, Americans would be screaming their heads off.

Talk about endangering Canada U.S relations. Speaking if which I'm glad I have no relations in the States. 'Cause if this goes through, I wouldn't be visiting them.

But I'll miss you, Cheryl.


Cheryl said…
Noooooooooo. Say it ain't so. I'm going to start a massive email campaign to tell President Obama that this is the worst idea he's ever had & it must stop. Businesses already get plenty of your money and they pay federal taxes on that money. Without you Canadians, the entire Northeast would fall into ruin. And I'd be very, very sad.

Sounds like you need to plan your trip to the states sooner rather than later. Ogunquit is starting to warm up. Well, at least it's warmer than your little corner of the universe. Then again, pretty much everywhere except parts of Midwest are warmer than Canada. (Do you still have snow?)
nonamedufus said…
I made light of this but if it goes through it would really suck.

The snow id finally gone, Cheryl, but my God it stuck around so long. We've got the BBQ out and I was sitting on the deck this week in the sunshine.
Indigo Roth said…
Hey Dufus! We don't have to pay a bridge toll to travel to Wales from England, but we have to pay a toll to get out; this must tell you something. And yes, border taxation is very silly. Roth
Cheryl said…
I just did some investigating on what this is all about. Some line item buried in Homeland Security's budget. Not going to happen anytime soon since they need 9 months for feasibility study. Damn idiots. Nothing I've read indicates that anyone who'd be affected by this is at all happy.

I'm so glad your snow is gone and the sun is shining on you. I haven't spent much time on our deck yet. Too busy on the days when it's been warm enough but I'm looking forward to tomorrow to catch a few rays.
nonamedufus said…
So I'm good for another year then?
nonamedufus said…
But who would want to get out, Indigo?
Cheryl said…
I sure hope so. News reporting is so poor, who knows what true anymore.
nonamedufus said…
I loved the CNN report that Obama was resigning. Yeah, right.
meleahrebeccah said…
Are you fucking kidding me? This is RIDICULOUS.
nonamedufus said…
No, it's true. It's really being considered. Sucks, eh?
nonamedufus said…
Hey, maybe we could pay in monster moose appendages. God knows Canada has an abundance of them.
P.J. said…
You are going to be taxed for this blog post. Though if it's being send via the US Postal service before hitting Canada, you may not see it. They may be bankrupt by then.

(For the record, you like all those other sports, what about baseball? Travel down to Cooperstown to the Hall of Fame. I'll meet up with you there!)

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