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Tim Bits

Sometimes you really wonder why your mind works the way it does. My son and I visited the Hockey Hall of Fame while we were in Toronto this week - the holy shrine of all things hockey in a city that considers itself the centre of the universe. I saw some old hockey card collections and one included former Toronto Maple Leaf Star Tim Horton. Yes, that Tim Horton - the guy that started Canada's answer to Starbucks...with donuts!
Ironically, right next to the Horton cards were the cards of former Chicago Blackhawk player Stan Mikita. Stan Mikita's was the fictional donut shop used by Mike Myers to parody Tim Horton's in the movie Wayne's World. Me? In the heart of hockey heaven, I focussed on the donut connection. It's a Canadian thing... (gimme a large double-double with a Maple dip to go)


VE said…
I totally get the connection having had Timbits on a few occasions. It might have helped that I played hockey in high school a city where it wasn't that popular.
nonamedufus said…
VE: High School? When I was a kid I started playing when I was 7 or 8 years old. I'd given it up by the time I hit high school. Still eating donuts...

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