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February Medical Update

Things appear to be going well health-wise. Visited Dr Granger, my GP, a week ago and apart from reporting that I'd come down with a cold, everything seemed okee-dokee. Wednesday last week brought great news from the postman. The SAAQ has finally reinstated my driver's license! So I was able to drive myself to my appointment at the multiple myeloma clinic - the first time I've driven since August.

At the clinic, Dr. Atkins found nothing out of the ordinary, save a "crackling" in my lungs, due to my cold. In addition to blood and urine tests, he sent me for a chest x-ray and provided me with a prescription for antibiotics to guard against pneumonia.

He also indicated he wanted me to undergo a bone-scan to determine my bone density and if all goes well he'll take me off my monthly pamidronate IV. I must be doing okay because my next appointment is in early May.

I went to the Hull hospital for blood an urine tests a week ago, tests that my kidney specialist, Dr Boisvert, had asked for. Subsequently, his office called and set up an appointment for me to see him next week. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything's okay.

That's about it. Feeling good, still going for my walks, keeping the weight off and have drastically reduced my need for a myriad of drugs. Apart from the antibiotics, I'm on pills for high blood pressure and my monthly IV of pamidronate for multiple myeloma. I seem to have come a long way since October!

Book: The Appeal by John Grisham

Music: A Night in San Fransisco by Van Morrison


Dave said…
Just Cruising:
I'm also "just cruising" 63 years old and retired. I like your blog and wish you all the best.

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