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What's In A Name (2)

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Last week I told you a little story about Convivial, a little girl who made a lot of friends. What I didn't tell you was that she had a little brother named Dack. He had a last name that he didn't like to use: Dick. Dack Dick didn't make many friends. In fact the little boys and girls sniggered at him and his name. That's an interesting word: sniggered. There are many synonyms but I think my favourite is belittle. It really conveys a sense of ridicule which is what the little boys and girls were doing. They were ridiculing poor Dack.

Now Dack wasn't the sharpest knife in the cutlery drawer. Another reason the boys and girls would ridicule him. At school he was an average student, pulling down Bs and the odd C. He was content. His parents were content and his sister Convivial was content.

One day in English class the teacher hosted a little game of "What's That Mean?".  She'd mention a word and the class would have to guess another word that meant the same thing.Like snigger and belittle. Okay, okay, Dack bad example.

The teacher said '"happy". In the front row Tommy's hand shot up and he said "cheerful". The teacher said "expectant" and again little Tommy's hand shot up and he yelled "breathless", breathlessly. "Okay,Tommy", admonished the teacher. "I think it's time to call on someone else." The teacher said "educational". And again, in spite of the admonishment, little Tommy shot up his hand and yelled "didactic" to which little Dack in the back of the class yelled "You die Tommy, you little fucker." The teacher immediately assigned Dack Dick a detention. Why? She told Dack while he may have expressed the right sentiment he still got the answer wrong.

The Two Word Tuesday prompt was didactic/educational this week. And wasn't it?


ReformingGeek said…
Poor Dack has no tact. Wait. Can we play a game of Dick, Dack, Doe?

Sorry, couldn't resist
Janna said…
Indeed, poor Dack.

If he and Convivial are siblings, that means her last name is (probably) also Dick.

Convivial Dick could be either a stripper, a British recipe, or a cheap Viagra knockoff.

(I still see cans of British "Spotted Dick" in the supermarket's international section. Never tried it.)

Was Spotted Dick the family pet?
Janna said…
British 1st date:

"Thanks for picking me up, Richard. What are we having tonight?"

"Convivial Dick."

"No, I meant for dinner."
nonamedufus said…
Carol: I'm not sure Dack's Dick is up to it. Depressing.
nonamedufus said…
Janna: I'm thinking Viagra knockoff.
nonamedufus said…
Janna (2): I think Richard's kinda hopeful. And convivial.

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