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30 Days of What?

You know, I think I've lost it. And I don't even know where to begin to find it. I've just spent the last couple of month's recovering from Ziva's latest 30 Days of Photos challenge. After that little effort I was totally bereft (big word!) of ideas for the blog. I was empty, wasted, tapped out. Get the idea?

What did I do about it? I just agreed to participate in Nicky and Mike's 30 Day Writing challenge. Well it's actually a 30 day minus 2 because it takes place during February. That must be what attracted me to it. Two days fewer...what a deal! Or maybe because these guys are Canadian and us Canucks gotta stick together. Or maybe because they like cheese. I dunno.

And look at these prompts...

  • Cheesy
  • Hold on
  • And the next thing I knew
  • Friendship
  • You better put out
  • Haven
  • Texting
  • French
  • 15 minutes
  • The mayor
  • Road trip
  • The day I met Abraham Lincoln
  • Unintended
  • Where can I get a good blintz?
  • Or else
  • Music
  • Whatever, dude
  • Home at last
  • Little things
  • The other shoe
  • Last train
  • Compulsively
  • Absurd
  • Confucius
  • Fact or Fiction
  • Deal with it
  • And that’s why I got drunk
  • Is that all

  • Yeah, pretty damn wacky. Who the hell thought those up? But I'm a man of my word. I said I'd participate and I will...for 28 frackin' days in a row. So come back February 1. See what I've come up with. And be sure and visit Nicky and Mike every day and check out the linky dinky thingy to see what the rest of my nut-job friends have written. 
  • Comments

    God help me, I'm in too.
    nonamedufus said…
    God help us all, Bryan.
    Linda Medrano said…
    If you said "yes" while you were still sick, I'd understand it better. Have you lost your mind? Did you feel you were under duress? 28 days will land you in the asylum. Mark my words.
    nonamedufus said…
    Nicky tricked me. I was sick when I said yes. As a result, now I'm even sicker. Well, I must be, right?
    Ziva said…
    Nicky totally tricked me into doing this, too. Tall heels, awkward bananas, whispered words. How could I possibly say no? But that was before I saw the list of prompts. We're doomed, I'm telling you.
    nonamedufus said…
    Tell me about it. And blintzes for Valentine's? C'mon!
    Indigo Roth said…
    Hey Z, no complaining! You used the exact same, positively Kafkaesque tactics on me to sucker me into YOUR 30 Days challenge...
    Indigo Roth said…
    Yeah, I've been suckered too 'Dufus.
    Tami Von Zalez said…
    Quit yer bitchin - you know you love it! I'm in too - see ya in a few days ~
    nonamedufus said…
    That Nicky's a smooth one.
    nonamedufus said…
    Awkward banana? That's not a prompt.
    Ziva said…
    Maybe we could make it one?
    nonamedufus said…
    I wouldn't know where the heck to begin to write about that one.
    mike said…
    It's pretty sad, but even I got tricked into this mess.
    nonamedufus said…
    Oh yeah? But it's your blog! Now we know who wears the pants on your website!
    mike said…
    What can I say. She went rogue.
    Shawn Ohara said…
    I can't believe it. I'm in too.
    Nicky said…
    I honestly don't know what everyone's going on about. Those are the best prompts ever.
    meleahrebeccah said…
    OMG. YOU ARE CRAZY! Good luck! Have fun!

    I'll be cheering everyone on, from the sidelines!
    nonamedufus said…
    Share the pain, Shawn, share the pain.
    nonamedufus said…
    I think you're the smart one, Meleah.
    nonamedufus said…
    Rogue, eh? I think she went right off the deep end.
    Cheryl P. said…
    Dufus, I think you are brave...really brave...oh and a little crazy but still brave.
    nonamedufus said…
    Crazy? Hell, I must be nuts (like the picture!).
    Laughing Mom said…
    You just want all of those fabulous points that Nicky hands out so freely!
    meleahrebeccah said…

    After NaBloPoMo & NaNoWriMo in November - I will NEVER participate in another writing challenge again. Besides, I'm supposed to be working on my novel.
    nonamedufus said…
    I understand completely.
    nonamedufus said…
    Are you talking about the point at the tip of Nicky's pretty little head?
    P.J. said…
    Yes, wacky is a good way of looking at it. And none of this was my fault, I can assure you of that. No matter what Nicky says. But it should be fun. Right? RIGHT??
    nonamedufus said…
    Fun? Are you mad, man?

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