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Thank You!

Well, that was one hell of a week of self-indulgence! In case you missed it, here are the links to the retrospectives I shared this week, leading up to the 2nd anniversary (or as they say on the interwebs: blogoversary) of this blog, today...

Monday - Blogoversary Week
Tuesday - Blogoversary II - Bacon and Beer
Wednesday - Blogoversary III - Politics
Thursday - Blogoversary IV - Battle Of The Sexes
Friday - Blogoversary V - 60s

It was a lot of fun going back and re-discovering some of the gems I'd posted over the last 2 years in the areas of humour, including political humour, advertising and rock n roll music from the 60s - the three main areas nonamedufus concentrates on.
Also in the last several weeks, I changed the layout and colour scheme of my blog, "dropped" my Entre Card widget, and brought nonamedufus on-line on Facebook. I hope you like the changes.

So to my loyal visiters, voyeurs, blog roll peeps and commenters - "Thanks" for dropping by these last 2 years, and this past week. Your comments about the items I've posted over the last 24 months are greatly appreciated. I hope you keep coming back for more. I'm very grateful that you stopped in.
The Grateful Dead

Here are some of the comments I recieved last week with links to their blogs, where possible. These guys and girls are the creme de la creme of humour bloggers, so their comments are deeply appreciated. Click on their names and check out their blogs for a chuckle or two.

Thinkinfyou said...
Congrats to you!!

ettarose said...
Absolutely you should celebrate and share it with us. I have nothing funny to say as I wish you many more years of good health and great blogging. You go baby!

Mary @ Holy Mackerel [] said...

A big congrats to you for 2 years, but more importantly, for good health!!!! I didn't know you had gone through all that...

Tiggy said...
Happy Blogversitary!

Joanne Casey said...
Congrats and here's to the continual thriving of yourself and the blog!

Ms. Thirty Something said...
How sweet of you to share things and stuff with us. (sincerely) If you hadn't recovered, think of all we'd have missed out on! The Florida signs, rockin' Dylan, the awesome Neal pics, Renee's pucker...the list goes on and on!!! So, which do you prefer; cash, check or charge? Happy Blogversary!

unfinishedrambler said...
I'm so jealous I'm celebrating my one-year bloggiversary <-- note different spelling so mine is completely different from yours -- with donuts and coffee. But you've got bacon and beer. Somehow I think you'll have more visitors. ;)

Lady Sarcasm said...
Keep the beer, but toss me some bacon, yum!! That last vid was hilarious hehe. Congrats on the year! Cheers to another one :)

Me-Me King said...
I have always enjoyed political cartoonists, you've chosen some great examples.Happy Bloggin' Birthday!!!

These were the comments left on my blog this week. This comment was e-mailed to me:

Hey Non - Sorry i tried to leave a comment on your post but i have too many damn humor blogs open and my computer is running./ walking slooooo.. anyway, happy blogiversay.....Lisa L AKA Now one of 2 Rodents on Humor Bloggers (ed. note: her blog is Everything But The Furr - Voices of The Stoopedly Imprisoned)

And, imagine my surprise when I dropped by the Forum at Humor Bloggers Dot Com Friday and discovered the following...

Post subject: Re: nonamedufus is 2 years old!
Happy Birthday to you(r blog)! I believe I did a small shout out on my blog last Sunday for your upcoming anniversary.

Here's what Hindleyite said: A final shout out for today goes to Nonamedufus, whose blog is currently nearing its second anniversary in the blogosphere. Exciting changes are afoot, as a redesign is already underway and retrospectives are expected to follow.
NND’s also the winner of one of
Crotchety Old Man’s Zucchini awards, which instantly makes me envious of him… it’s harder to win that thing than an Academy Award. Get down to his blog, it’s good for a laugh.

Hindleyite also presented me with the Jacket Potato Award. I'll eat it, er, ah, display it with pride. Thanks, mate.

Jenn Thorson
Post subject: Re: nonamedufus is 2 years old!
Hey, happy bloggiversary to you! Two years is a mighty long time in blog years. Blog years are sort of like dog years in that way...But with a "bl" instead of a "d"--Jenn

Post subject: Re: nonamedufus is 2 years old!
In my best, ahem, Marilyn Monroe accent:

Happy blog anniversary to yoooooouuuu.

Happy blog anniversary to youuuuuuuuu.(insert high-pitched squeak)

Happy blog anniversary (insert breathy pause)Mr. Nonamedufus

Happy blog anniversary to youuuuuuuuu.Boo boo dee boop!

Can You Hear Me Laughing?

Post subject: Re: nonamedufus is 2 years old!
Wow, congratulations, Dufus! Two years...that's got to put you among the top 3% longest running active blogs

Post subject: Re: nonamedufus is 2 years old!
heres to another year of me stealing your stuff. Congrats

Can someone please pass the kleenex?

Wow guys, thanks. It's been quite a week and quite a 2 year run. Here's to the next year! And here's to looking at life through the lens of laughter. I know it's worked for me. Cheers...


Anonymous said…
Man, (this is totally unrelated) I was just looking at your visitors. I cannot even *pronounce* some of the places these guys are comin' from!!! Ya got Kenya...Canada, the UK, Germany..a few states thrown in, and then Perkukistaniwhata? What in the hey? This blog needs a passport to the United Nations, baby!

Ms. Thirty Something

PS - You didn't have to thank me! This blog has become a breakfastime ritual. I gave up on TV somewhere in the first quarter of the Bush era/writers strike/reality TV takeover.
Happy blogoversary!
I just found your site and just wanted to say I think it's awesome. It's a great collection of posts, and I will be back often.
little paulie k said…
yours is what a blog should be. I only found it recently by accident and it is a shining light--light years ahead of most of the dribble that passes for anything that I am used to reading. That t-shirt is the absolute coolest with narcissist spelled in the mirror image. Sorry I didn't get an honorable mention in the list of the others but you can't blame a guy for trying.
little paulie k
nonamedufus said…
Thirty Something: It amazes me too how far and wide my visitors are dispersed.

Teena: Many thanks.

Deeply Superficial: You're too kind. Look forward to your future visits.

little paulie k: Thanks, man. Had you commented earlier in the week you would have made the honour roll. But I sure appreciate your support.
Shawn said…
Hey, just wanted to say Happy Bloggiversary again, sir! Keep it up!
I didn't say "Congrats" before, but I will now.

nonamedufus said…
Shawn: At my age that's not as easy to do as it once was!

HTSAC: Thanks muchly.
I just found your site and just wanted to say I think it's awesome. It's a great collection of posts, and I will be back often.

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