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Hangin' with Miko

Megan and Selo had to drive to Montreal Sunday and pick up Selo's parents who were flying in from Turkey. We had the luck to babysit Miko while they were gone. Our day started with blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Here, Miko patiently awaits the call for breakfast... Miko checks on the pancakes' progress... Miko does the Maple syrup hand-jive... Miko goes for a stroll at the Experimental Farm... Maryse gets in touch with her inner child at Red Lobster... Miko enjoys playing with Maryse's inner child... After lunch Miko and Maryse enjoy relaxing on the hammock... ...a short run... And a float in the pool... Mamie, wake up! Miko relaxes after a long day... Book: Frequent Flyer by Kinky Friedman Music: Bill Wyman's Blues Odyssey

Trip to Montreal

What a show! No pictures as cameras weren't allowed, but the music was simply great. Our seats were somewhat special. We were off to the side of the stage, in the fifth-highest row - Row 415 - whew. The air was kinda thin up there, but we could see the stage, hear the music, and watch the band on a giant screen. It was an excellent concert. Maryse, Joanne, Philippe and I had a great time. Maryse and I stayed at the Novotel Hotel, just a block away from Centre Bell, although I confess even at that distance my leg and hip gave out before we got there and trekked to the top of the arena. The concert was the second in a row The Police gave in Montreal. Here's a review of night one from the Montreal Gazette. While in Montreal I finally got to see Philippe's apartment. Here's a picture of it from the outside(That's Philippe coming down the stairs!), and of Philippe and Al

The Police

We're off to Montreal later today to take in The Police at Centre Bell Tonight. I've heard both good and bad about this tour so the concert should be interesting. I recently bought their retrospective 2-CD set with hits culled from their 5 albums from the 80s. It's good. It's amazing how many great songs they came out with. We're headed down with our friend Joanne Quinneville. And we're meeting up with Philippe when we get to Montreal. This'll be cool because it finally gives me an opportunity to see Philippe and his apartment, neither of which I've seen since he moved out. Climbing the stairs to the second floor should be interesting for gimpy, here. And at the concert we're high up in the nose-bleed section, so I'll certainly be giving my poor legs a good workout. It should be a great night, though. I'm really looking forward to it! Book: Lost Souls by Michael Collins M

Nothing Special

I met Miko and Megan for lunch today at Jack Astor's in Kanata. Miko was in fine form, having just awoken from a nap. Here he peruses the menu... And here, he can't make up his mind. This looked like a pretty nice place for Grampa to crash after lunch. Instead I read. And then, tonight, Maryse suggested we go see a movie. We went to see Hairspray and it was just an excellent film! Book: Laurel Canyon - The Inside Story of Rock and Roll's Legendary Neighborhood by Michael Walker Music: The Levon Helm Band Starring Little Sammy Davis - The Midnight Ramble Sessions, Volume One

Megan, Selo & Co.

Megan and Selo joined us for a BBQ dinner this evening. Selo brought his two brothers and sister and, of course, Miko as well as Mimi and Layla. So we had quite a time - swimming in the pool, playing games, running around and of course eating - what a meal: BBQ'd chicken legs, salmon and lamb. Bean salad, Caesar Salad and Potato Salad. Layla, Miko and Selo enjoy a dip in the pool. Miko enjoys some time with his youngest Uncle. Maryse serves Aisha, Ahmed and Megan. Mimi digs in. Miko enjoys himself on the back lawn. Is this what one refers to as Miko "beating the bushes"? Thanks for the visit guys. It was a great evening. And we enjoyed meeting Selo's family. Book: Laurel Canyon - The Inside Story Of Rock and Roll's Legendary Neighborhood by Michael Walker Music: Frontiers by Jesse Cook

Hemoglobin Update

Had an appointment with my family doctor, Dr Granger, yesterday and we had a good chat about my low hemoglobin levels. It seems I have my chemo to thank for not only killing my cancerous red cells but also my good red cells. (The same reason my hair falls out.) The poison, apparently, doesn't discriminate. This has resulted in a severe case of anemia. It seems that symptoms of anemia -- like fatigue -- occur because organs aren't getting enough oxygen. I've been having problems with my legs ranging from a sense of wobbliness or weakness to pain and difficulty walking. The weakness in my legs is explainable through this anemia - my leg muscles aren't getting the oxygen they need. There's an excellent 2-page article on anemia on WebMD at I believe that my type of anemia, due to the chemo wiping out my bad and good red blood cells, can be found on page 2 of the article under the heading "Aplas

On the Rideau

Pierre and I spent the day on the Rideau River by Manotick today, fishing. It was a gorgeous day. We each packed a lunch, the sun was shining and, while the Weather Network said it was 25 degrees, it seemed much warmer sitting at anchor in the sunshine. I really appreciate going out with Pierre was a most enjoyable day. And fish? We caught plenty of weeds, and Pierre lost two lures to trees - TREES! - along the shore. (Actually Pierre did catch a small fish but he tossed it back before I could snap a picture of just how small it was.) And I lost a lure to the bottom. That's fishing! Have to make a trip to Bass Pro soon at this rate. The Rideau at Manotick is such a picturesque area and some of the homes there are simply amazing... Book: Lisey's Story by Stephen King Music: Twelve by Patti Smith