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Traveling Along Singing A Song

Pete and Paulie were strolling along one day. The sun was bright, the air was cool, the birds chirped crazily in the trees and the squirrels  munched merrily on their nuts. Well not their nuts exactly. Nuts they found on the ground and in the gardens in the park. Paulie felt so good he began to whistle. It wasn't any tune in particular, just one of those annoyingly tuneless whistles that wandered all over the place. Pete looked at Paulie and he squiggled up his nose and he said "What the hell is that?" Paulie replied "Oh nothing in particular. I'm just happy." "But you're not even whistling a tune" said Pete. Paulie replied "If you're so wise I'd like to see you do better, Pete." Pete went silent for a moment and seemed to mumble to himself for a moment or two. Then he cleared his throat with a little cough, he opened his mouth and he began to sing. "There once was a king very wise Who spoke to his enemies in

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Two Jamaicans meet on the street and recognize each other. They fall into a little discussion. #1: "Ya, mawn good to see you derr my friend." #2: "Ya, mawn me too, derr. How ya been doin' mawn?" #1: "It is what it is, mawn. Ya know? Been doin' not much. How 'bout you?" #2 "Life be good ya know mawn? I been doin' not much neither my friend." #1: "That be the life, mawn. You know?' #2: "Oh, I know, my mawn. I know." #1: "Say nice dreads my mawn. How long it take ya to grow dem?" #2: "Oh, deese? About five years, mawn, yeah. But look at yours, dey be much longer dan mine, man. Ya might even say dey be more dreadful dan mine mawn." #1: "Yeah, me mawn it take about seven years for deese dreads ." #2: "Hey mawn ya got any ghanja? I been needin' me a good hit for some time now." #1: "Ya know I do mawn. And I always got a bit to share with a brot

A Storm's A-Brewing

Junior: "Those clouds are getting dark." Daddy: "Ya reckon?" Junior: "Yep, and the wind's bound to pick up." Daddy: "Ya reckon?" Junior:  "Yep, and just look at the leaves on those trees inside out. It's bound to rain soon." Daddy: "Ya reckon?" Junior: "Yep, I think we ought to get the family down to the storm cellar." Daddy: "Ya reckon?" Junior: "Yep, cause storm winds can blow really strong and turn into twisters." Daddy: "Ya reckon?" Junior: "And the rain could cause a flood." Daddy: "Ya reckon?" Junior: "Yep, and if we don't do something soon that wind and rain will pulverize the house and barn on and on until little's left of them," Daddy: "Yeah, wreck on and on and on, I guess." The prompt from the folks at Studio30+ this week was reckon/guess . And I reckon I pass the test. Click on the link

My Back Pages - May

My God how time flies. It's already June and I'm way behind being on track for fifty books this year. I read four in May bringing my year-to-date total to 15. What were the four? Well, I started the month with a quick read titled George Harrison Reconsidered. The title itself appealed to me because I always felt Harrison was the overlooked Beatle; that he had a lot of talent that people never spoke about or gave him credit for. My only problem with this book was that it was far too short. (3 stars) Book two was The Heart Goes Last by Margaret Atwood. Similar in feel to her recent MaddAddam Trilogy, the Guardian describes it as "a jubilant comedy of errors, bizarre bedroom farce. SF prison-break thriller, psychedelic 60s crime caper". Now I ask you how can you turn that down. I didn't and enjoyed it immensely. (4 stars) My third book was Dropping The Needle - The Vinyl Dialogues Volume II. Not unlike volume one I found this disappointing. When you&