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Not An Olympic Event...But Could Be

...and the gun was in my pocket.

A Grave Image

The Need For Higher Lurning

Book: The Sanctuary by Raymond Khoury Music: Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Beijing Buddies

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What Are You Reading?

Book: The Sanctuary by Raymond Khoury Music: Fire Songs by The Watson Twins

Lobstah and Beeyah

Well it was much more than that, but our week in Ogunquit, Maine was nevertheless divine. We stayed at a charming B&B, the Blue Shutters, and walked each day to Ogunquit Beach. Our favourite spot...on the beach Lunch and dinner brought new restaurants and plenty of seafood, such as Maryse's lobster at Barnacle Billy's Here's an early morning view of the Ogunquit tidal basin And these fellas tried their luck every morning on Ogunquit beach This is the Shore Road on our way to downtown Ogunquit Oooo, is that water cold? Dog and cat ornaments in the garden outside of the "Spoiled Rotten" craft shop The Nubble Lighthouse in York The view from inside the Fort McClary Blockhouse of boats moored on the Piscataqua River Downtown Kennebunkport Two lovely mansions viewed from the Kennebunkport Brewery parking lot John poses next to the Kennebunk River Maryse takes a breather on the Marginal Way between the Blue Shutters and Perkin's Cove The fishing fleet moore

Lazy, Hazy Days in Kelowna

Maryse and I just got back from 10 days in beautiful Kelowna visiting with her mom, brother and nephew. The weather was great, the company fantastic, the food fabulous, the weather great, the wine-tasting tingling, the sights exquisite and - did I mention the weather was great? It was sunny and well into the 30s when we left - a far cry from the wet, cool conditions we left behind - and returned home to - in Aylmer. But it didn't look too promising as we sat on the tarmac in Vancouver... Kelowna's down there somewhere... Anyone for a swim? This is the pool in Jean-Marc's backyard where we spent most of our afternoons... Evenings were taken up playing golf on Pierce's Playstation and shooting pool. The first trip we took was to the Myra Canyon trestles in the mountains above Kelowna, formerly a railway and now a winding hiking and biking pathway. The trestles where destroyed in the 2003 forest fires and have recently been restored and reconstructed... Maryse and I drove