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30 Days of What?

You know, I think I've lost it. And I don't even know where to begin to find it. I've just spent the last couple of month's recovering from Ziva's  latest 30 Days of Photos challenge. After that little effort I was totally bereft (big word!) of ideas for the blog. I was empty, wasted, tapped out. Get the idea? What did I do about it? I just agreed to participate in Nicky and Mike's 30 Day Writing challenge. Well it's actually a 30 day minus 2 because it takes place during February. That must be what attracted me to it. Two days fewer...what a deal! Or maybe because these guys are Canadian and us Canucks gotta stick together. Or maybe because they like cheese. I dunno. And look at these prompts... Cheesy Hold on And the next thing I knew Friendship You better put out Haven Texting French 15 minutes The mayor Road trip The day I met Abraham Lincoln Unintended Where can I get a good blintz? Or else Music Whatever, dude Home at la

Ill Advice

You may have noticed I haven't been around much. Sporadic status updates on Facebook and nothing here on the blog since the beginning of the month. Well, I've been sick. It started out as the flu, you know that dreaded man-flu thingy? Scratchy throat, cough, runny nose? Feels like death. Well, it quickly developed into something far more serious. I spent close to three weeks in bed barely able to lift my head from the pillow. And I lost my hearing. Drove Mrs D nuts because she had to yell at me to be heard, sometimes two or three times before I understood what she was saying. This wasn't always a bad thing but don't let Mrs D know that. As things got worse Mrs D too me to a clinic who advised taking me to the hospital, all against my wishes, of course. I just wanted to roll over and die. There they did some blood work, confirmed I had the flu, kept me for about five hours and sent me home. But then the fun began. The blood work showed some sort of bug in my b

They Don't Get Snow in Panama

Mrs. D and I made our annual winter trek to Panama for our Christmas and New Year's holidays this year. Her brother owns a condo in Bijao about 2 hours out of Panama City, on the Pacific Ocean. The place is simply amazing with a golf course, 5 swimming pools, a gorgeous beach and 95F weather. His balcony looks out right over the ocean. Last year my doctor wouldn't let me go because I was too sick. I made it this year but my health limited my activities. My chemo medication makes me a little dizzy so I'm limited in terms of mobility. But I made the 30 yard trip to the ocean several times. Got into a swimming pool once or twice. And I was able to accompany everyone each time the gang went out for dinner - Mrs D, her mother, brother. nephew and Tante Pouine. (I started calling her that close to a decade ago because she was from Warwick - a tiny Quebec town that prides itself on creating poutine - and it stuck... the name, not the curds in the poutine, although that often