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Photo Challenge - April

Oh my God, it's the end of the month already? Hell I thought there was one more day. That's what happens when your birthday is on the 28th. You're still hung over on the 30th! There, did I make you smile? That's the theme of this month's photo challenge from P.J. Now, let's see, what made me smile this month? How about my grandson, Miko, who we took out for breakfast after his hockey game. He has a whole different concept when you ask him to "smile" for a picture. This is the other side of the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Tunnel in Montreal. It goes under the St. Lawrence River. It's a little disconcerting to see water dripping down throughout the tunnel. It gives Mrs D fits. But she was driving and I was...smiling. There was just something photogenic about this guy at the Montreal Planetarium. He was smiling. At leafs I think that's a smile. Can you imagine how much toothpaste this guy would have to use. That thought made me sm

Sunday Funnies

The Two Solitudes

So I spent Easter among the Natives. No, not the Indians, although now I kind of understand how Samuel de Champlain felt when he came upon the Algonquins. Mrs D's mom was visiting us last week and we packed up the car and took off for Victoriaville to visit her sister and her Aunt. Victoriaville's about 2 hours east of Montreal. It took us about four and-a-half hours to drive from Aylmer. We waved at Nicky Eff as we drove through Montreal. Tante Poutine, formerly of Warwick, Tante Bud Light, who is no longer with us, and Tante Lucienne all hail from either Warwick or nearby Victoriaville the poutine and maple syrup capitals of the world. And it's deep in Francophone country. You know that song Englishman in New York by Sting? Yeah? Well magnify how he felt about ten times and you start to understand how I - the lone Anglophone - got on in Francophone country. I tell you, ply these 80+ year-old women with alcohol - and they're just so damn polite, they never

Sunday Funnies

If You Gotta Go, Go Now

So I'm at the drugstore sitting, waiting for my prescription to be filled. I need some antibiotics for a cold and some medication to boost my chemo regime. There's these three chairs for people to use when they're waiting and next to them is a blood pressure machine. I suppose it's there to make us all fell guilty that we haven't been checking our pressure on a regular basis. Who me? So, anyway I'm sitting there and across from me, staring me in the face is an aisle full of incontinence products. Yeah, you know, those plastic pants one can wear under their normal clothes. To me, incontinence is largely associated with getting old. It's a serious condition, an embarrassing one, and I suppose these products go a long way in hiding this malady. But I had to smirk as I read the wrappers that packaged up these medical marvels. For instance one was titled "Active" and I thought, hey, just how active can an 80 year old be? Hell, I'm in my

Sunday Funnies

I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up

Who the hell watches daytime TV? Not me, normally. But I was convalescing from cataract surgery yesterday and was just kinda lying on the couch taking it easy. I started out watching the news channel and then after that got kind of repetitive switched over to the Game Show Network. There's something both networks had in common; Ads aimed at fat old people. Between Nutri System commercials and ads for lawsuits due to strokes from testosterone gel or metal hip replacements I couldn't help but start to feel very, very old and very, very fat. Hell, Kerri lost 110 pounds! Way to go Kerri. I don't know if she emptied out her bank account purchasing the Nutri Syestem menu or not but whatever she did sure seems to have worked. I can tell you, though, who didn't use Nutri System - those fat old people who fell in the shower, down the stairs or on the kitchen floor and couldn't get up. Lucky a friend or relative happened by to discover them just out of arms reach from

Sunday Funnies