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This Poem's A Bit Of A Stretch

When my wife is really tired She likes to bitch and kvetch Then she'll take a big, deep breath And her arms and legs she'll stretch. Me? I may be at a baseball game In the middle of the 7th inning I sing "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" No matter who is winning Or it may be while I'm driving I'll give the wheel a tug And pull over to the road side And stretch, there in my Bug. I'm not the only one who does this It's done by cats and dogs You may be surprised to learn It's even done by frogs. But there's one kind of stretching That I think is simply wrong It makes me think I'd hate to be The latest version of Stretch Armstrong. Well, if you haven't guessed by now, the prompt was "stretch" over at Theme Thursday this week. 

Pause Ponder and Pun #53

Did you ever notice that the practice of civil debate is a lost art? Uh-huh. That's my view anyway. What's yours? Leave your caption and I'll fight my way through them before Saturday and declare a winner.

I Want To Believe

The truth may really be out there. by nonamedufus NEW YORK (NND News) -  The United Nations is about to appoint a space ambassador. nonamedufus news had learned that in an apparent snub of Mulder and Scully the UN will go to the head of their little- known Office For Outer Space Affairs Doctor Mazlan Othman . NASA scientist Chuck A. Moon says the whole idea is out of this world. "You're telling me Othman is the closest thing we have to a 'take me to your leader' person? She better taste good or like kinky sex, or else we could be in a war of the worlds," stated Moon. The NASA geek felt other candidates should have been considered. " Edward James Olmos , Leonard Nimoy or even B-9 the robot from Lost in Space all have more experience than some Malaysian astrophysicist." "Space Ambassador Othman? Does not compute." Opinion is obviously divided on how earth-visiting aliens should be greeted. Doctor Othman believes in taking a tol

What A Week With Whitey

Last week I headed west to Toronto for a visit with my brother. Fooled ya, eh? All the while you thought I was here. Well, through the magic of post-dated posting I was able to schedule my posts and toodle off to see Whitey.  You guys remember Whitey? Toronto's CN Tower: flippin' the bird to the rest of the country. It was a great week. Real quality time. I helped him paint a bedroom in his house. Not unlike Picasso, he's going through his blue period. In return he was kind enough to feed me. For example, a couple of days he fixed his own special breakfast recipe Eggs Florenjim. (That's a pun. What? Like you haven't come to expect them around here?) You see his name's really Jim and he fixed Eggs Florentine, or as we agreed to call it with his special hollandaise sauce "Heart Attack On A Plate".  It was the fortification we needed to pick up those paint brushes and rollers. And each day, after a day of painting, at some point between 3 and 4 o'c

The Sunday Funnies

Pause Ponder and Badges

OK, here's what my caption to this week's pic would have been... Treasure of The Sierra Madre. A classic with Humphrey Bogart. I love this line! Speaking of classics, there were many in our captions this week. It was really tough to choose one over the other. For example, Whitey - you guys all remember Whitey , my brother - shot me with... Thirty some years later, The Jackson's are No. 1 with a bullet again. My pal Quirkyloon took it out of the holster this week and gave us... Post Apocalyptic group, Earth, Wind and Gunfire hits number one song: We Are The World! Recent winner Renal Failure pistol-whipped us with... What Glenn Beck sees whenever President Obama is on TV And Chris, our favourite Knucklehead rifled around a little before coming up with... Ladies and Gentlemen, YOUR BOSTON CELTICS! But the satirist of St. Catherines, Ontario Frank Lee Meidere blasted both barrels with his winning round... Directing under the name Isaac Washington

Palin Drones

As Willie Nelson might say I'm on the road again. After a week in Toronto, I'm on my way home to Aylmer.  So I've pulled a recent post from my political satire blog to share with you instead today... She’s at it again.  In a display of why she should continue to write words on the palms of her hands, Sarah Palin tweeted this week about the issue of building a mosque within a stone’s throw of New York’s Ground Zero. The social media maverick tweeted to her followers that Muslims should “refudiate” the initiative. Now this comes as a shock.  When Katie Couric, in the now famous interview during her stint as soccer-mom running mate to John McCain, asked Palin what newspapers and news magazines she read, Palin replied: “All of them.” Uh-huh. Who knew Palin was a distant relative of Mrs. Malaprop.  Then again, she does come from the same political party as George W. “misunderestimate” Bush. In a subsequent tweet she likened herself to the great bard William Shakespeare.

This Is Revealing

The prompt over at Theme Thursday this week, or last week I guess*, is "reveal. Well I guess, for some strange reason, the first thing that comes to my mind is a woman in a revealing dress. If you're upset by the gratuitous use of pictures of scantily clad women, I'm sorry. I guess it just reveals I'm a guy. This is Shauna Sands. Now given the way she's dressed some might say she's not all there. Then again others might say it's evident she is all there. Shauna was a Playboy playmate apparently and used to be married to Lorenzo Lamas, the son of actor Fernando Lamas. Now, there's some revealing facts. Also when I think of "reveal" I think of the excellent movie The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. It's a film about competing magicians who each try to outdo the other. In the movie we learn that the three parts of a magic trick are "the pledge, the turn and the prestige". The prestige is in effect revealin

Pause Ponder and Pun #52

These brothers got it. I'm not sure what exactly. But if you think you know leave me a caption. We'll re-load Saturday .

Beyond Left Field

It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood. *whistles* Hey folks, if you're looking for me I'm visiting with my good buddy Don at Beyond Left Field . He's asked me to do a guest post gig over there today and how could I turn a good 'ol boy down. If you don't know Don, let me tell you a little bit about him. If you do know Don, take this with a grain of salt. I'm not sure why he calls his blog Beyond Left Field 'cause if anything he's just a little right of Attila the Hun. He lives in Hattiesville, Mississippi where he hangs out with Brett Favre, or his wife, I can't remember which. He has a sickly room-mate who he's always chauffeuring around to the drug store, the hospital, the doctor's, where America shops - oh anywhere - without one word of complaint. He's a believer in the institution of marriage but his three ex-wives might disagree on that point. And he's quite the lady's man, which is why he's living t

First Femmes Fatales

Oh my! It's been revealed that American First Lady Michelle Obama may not be all too happy with her lot in life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. According to an unauthorized biography of French First Lady - would that be premiere madam? - Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Obama told her that life was hell in the White House. "I can't stand it," she reputedly said. Both the White House and the French government are denying the remarks. The French Embassy says Ms Bruni-Sarkozy is distancing herself from the biography. What's Mick Jagger really like? It was just earlier this year that the French First Lady and her husband of a couple of years were in the news for each allegedly having affairs. This story too was vehemently denied. I'm not sure if these stories are spread by media outlets after salacious stories and the facts be damned or by political rivals who would like nothing better than to see the downfall of current government leaders. Or the stories may be true. A

Talk Like A Pirate Day/Sunday Funnies

Well today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. ARRR you having fun yet? Pirates are quite unique. Who else do you know goes around wearing an eye patch, a hook for a hand, and a peg-leg. Oh, I've just described your next door neighbour? Oh, well. Q. If a pirate's used to bounding over the seas in a pirate ship how does he travel across the country? A. Why he drives a cARRR or hops on an ARRRplane just like the rest of us. Q. What's a modern pirate's favourite musical group? A. ARRRcade Fire Q. Do pirates have false teeth? A. No they just have a pARRRtial plate. Q. Do pirates prefer MacDonald's or Burger King? A. Neither. They go to ARRRby's, stupid. Q. Why are pirates peg-legs made of wood? A. Because they're all ARRRborists. Q. That explains the raw materials but how are they designed? A. They're also ARRRchitects! Q. Do pirates go to bed early or do they like to stay out late? A. Silly, pirates love to pARRRty. Q. If the Vi

Pause Ponder and Sumo Wrestlers On Horseback

This was an odd pic but we had some great captions this week. Not to say we don't every week, but this week's captions were sumothing else! Moooooog bowed in with... The race was too close to call when, suddenly and without warning, Kato ate his horse. 00dozo got a leg up with... As a demonstration sport for the 2016 Olympics. here we have the new combined event of steeplechase for sushi.  Last week's winner Renal Failure wrestled with his entry... Nakamura prepares to activate his wasabi-powered nitro booster. Seven horses and their jockeys will die instantly. And KABLOOEY threw her weight around with... When the Oshima stable recruited the dim-witted, yet enthusiastic new sumo trainee, it didn't occur to the hefty lad that he'd wandered into the wrong type of stable. Poor Akinori is about to massively lose face when he discovers his mistake. But it was Jeremy from We Took The Bait who forced all his opponents out of the ring with. Somewhere, t

Terry Jones Has New Target

Your roving investigative reporter nonamedufus has learned that Terry Jones, who threatened last week to burn the Koran, inflaming - so to speak - an international uproar, has set his sights on a new target. Koran Cuckoo The former nincompoop nobody, in an attempt at a full half-hour of fame, exclusively told nonamedufus of his plans. "Christians are being persecuted by them. They're attempting to influence Americans and gain acceptance as an extremist force in this country", said Pastor Jones. "My congregation - those that are left after last week's little flame fiasco - and I are dead set against letting them overrun us, taking over our society and leading us into damnation." When asked why he was continuing to persecute Muslims, Jones replied, "Muslims? Are you nuts, man? I'm talking about something much worse: those screaming tween twit fans of that infidel Justin Bieber!" Satan's Singing Spawn? Jones says he plans to burn Bieb

Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

Well tramps anyway, to say the least. At 64, Cher, you can not turn back time. The one-named former singer and gay icon showed up at last weekend's MTV Awards having left half her clothes at home. Her costume was a throwback to a controversial 1989 video. I'm not so sure Cher's aging gracefully. And there's quite a bit of her exposed there for me to make that assertion. I'll bet she was cold. I know I got the shivers just looking at her. I wonder if she's bankrupt...spending what she did on all that plastic surgery. I wouldn't get too close to her. She may go at any minute. When that tightly stretched skin starts to give you had better stand back! You know things just haven't been the same since she split with Sonny. And we know how long ago that was. Cher made a reference to her age at the MTV ceremony, telling the audience she had shoes older than most of the nominees. Well, all I can say is she must have been well-heeled to dress up like that.