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Pause Ponder and A Pair of Pontoons

I really don't know how this woman maintains her balance. Can you imagine the backache she has to put up with. She's defying gravity. We had a "big" response this week. A lot of great captions. I guess pictures of big boobs just seems to bring the "breast" out in people. I think our first runner-up had his eyes somewhere else. But he was very observant... Nice spice rack. Mike Our next commenter went the practical route... Octomom's wet nurse. 00dozo I really liked the next caption... "...and that's how nonamedufus became my favourite blog ever." moooooog But after all was said and done I just couldn't stop laughing at our winning caption... Candy started drinking heavily after she lost a part on Seinfeld to Terry Hatcher. Seems nobody believed her reading of the line "They're real and they're SPECTACULAR". Nicky  Way to go Nicky. You really know how to keep abreast of situati

30 Days of Photos - Prelude

Are you ready for this? I'm not. Sure I like to take pictures. But I'm not a photographer. I'm not a master of light, focus, composition or zoom control. I point and shoot. And my camera of choice is my iPhone. I was out yesterday taking pictures in preparation for next week's topics. Not easy. But challenging. And it should be fun. And to me, that's what this is all about. Fun. At least that'll be my take. Because, dammit Jim,  I'm not a photographer. We kick off Sunday, April 1 - me and a handful of other bloggers. I'm not sure who all is involved in this little exercise. When I do find out I'll post them here so you can visit them all. I do know Mike from Too Many Mornings and Ziva at Ziva's Inferno are involved. This is their brainchild, after all. And they're both very accomplished photographers. I hate them both. And Bryan from Unfinished , 00dozo from When I Reach  and Nicky and Mike from We Work For Chee

Pause Ponder and Pun #118

Okay you guys. Here's an uplifting pic for you this week. You can show me your support by leaving a caption or two. Bust a move guys and we'll see you Saturday.

Real Men Don't Know How To Dress

A recent study in Britain, a country known for it's probing, cutting edge and highly useful surveys, has found that two-thirds of men there rely on their wives or partners to tell them how to dress. Also, the survey found, half of men were physically dressed by their wives. You know, doing up their tie, fastening their cufflinks or inserting their collar stiffeners (not a euphemism). Kinda brings new meaning to the phrase getting up in the morning. The majority of these men said they let their significant others dress them because they themselves lacked a sense of style. Oh, c'mon. I'm sure the same doesn't hold true for North American men. Me? I pride myself on my sense of style. In fact my wife has commented on the stylishness of some of my purchases. Sure it's thing's like, "Hell, that thing looks like it's outta the 70s." But, hey, at least I can shop for myself. I can buy t-shirts and tube socks with the best of them. Get down tonig

Sunday Funnies

Pause Ponder and Pitch Your Partner

This was a terrific week for captions. You guys were flinging them left and right with abandon. It was quite a challenge to pick a winner. Indeed, it was a real toss-up. Let's see what we've got... At the rooftop square dance, Jim takes "swing your partner" a bit too literally moooooog I said "Pull my finger! Pull my fingerrrrr!" Shawn And here we see the first tribute being tossed into the arena to officially start The Hunger Games. 00dozo All good ones guys. And look at 00dozo's return to our little arena of puns with a caption true to form. Have you guys seen the movie yet? But our winner this week has long been the bridesmaid but never the bride in our little contest. Well that all changes now. My cherie ami from Mesa, Arizona is responsible for leaving a comment that has become a wicked ear-worm whirling around in my brain since Wednesday... You spin me right round, baby, right round, like a sho

Picture Perfect

So what do you think of my new masthead? Clever, huh? A horse with no name and a horse with noname? Get it? Yeah, okay. I really used to like that song. Moving on. So I'm back from my vacation in Panama. The trip back was a tad better than the trip down. No tearing through airports like O.J. Simpson (I know. I'm dating myself.) only to discover I'd missed my connection. And bonus: I had a very lovely lady pat me down as I boarded my flight from Panama to Orlando. It was the best action I'd had in two weeks. So I thought I'd let you know about an interruption to our scheduled program. Beginning April 1, I'll be suspending regular blogging activity to participate in something called 30 Days of Photographs II . "What the hell?" you say. Well it could be hell. Posting a photo every day for 30 days and writing a little about it? And there are rules. And there are directions. What the hell did I get myself into? You might remember last year at abou

Pause Ponder and Pun #117

This could be a picture of the Flying Wallendas before they got their act together. I'm not sure. How about you? Leave a caption in the comments. Then fly back here Saturday to see who said what. 

If Loving You Is Thong, I Don't Want To Be Right

Sure, wait until the end of my holiday before bringing out the big guns. There I was Sunday, minding my own business, sitting on the balcony of my brother-in-law's Panama condo looking out over the infinity pools and ocean ruminating about what I enjoyed best about my two week trip to Panama. Was it the 100+ degree temperatures? Not exactly. Was it the great meals we had on our trips out to various restaurants? Not exactly. Was it the ability to play golf every day? Not exactly. Was it the gorgeous beach? Not exactly. Was it the fantastic sunrises? Not exactly. Was it the zoo in the fertile - and cooler - volcanic valley of El Valle ? Uh-uh. Well what was it then? Well, over beside the pool - and at the risk of appearing to be an old lecherous coot, which I may well be  - it was the discovery of young women in thongs. That's right, thongs. I'd seen pictures before but I've never seen them in their natural habitat. He

Sunday Funnies

Pause Ponder and St.Patrick's Day

Now there's a good upstanding Irish name for ya. Happy Saint Paddy's day to you guys. How many of you folks will be imbibing of the green ale today? Not me. No, the only thing green in my beer will be the lime in my Corona. I don't think they do green beer in Panama. Remember this guy from earlier in the week? He's some pot of gold isn't he? Let's cut right to the heart of the matter and see what you guys had to say about him... Mr. Gaga, putting the finishing touches on his red carpet outfit. Ziva This is all wrong. You can't eat with two knives. He should consider replacing one of them with a fork. Mike Knife, knife, baby! Under pressure, my sinuses. Quirkyloon But our winner planned ahead and took into account the day we'd be announcing the winner. .. Shamus learned quickly the rests of trying to steal a Leprechaun's gold. LOTGK Way to go LOTGK. Faith and begorrah, lad, you be hanging with O'dufu

Putting Around in Panama

I was taking things easy Tuesday. It's my chemo pill day so I stuck close to the condo and didn't play golf with my brother-in-law Jean-Marc and his friend Christiane. It gave me time to read up a little on Manuel Noriega. You know, the former military governor of Panama who was trained by and worked for the CIA, ran drugs, killed people and now wastes away in jail after finally being extradited to his homeland after trials and jail terms in both the United States and France? Yeah, that's him. Noriega not a happy camper when captured. Did you know that when the Americans invaded Panama in 1989 and surrounded the Vatican Embassy where he was holed up in an operation called "Nifty Package" U.S. Navy Seals blasted rock music at deafening levels in an attempt to get him to surrender? Do you know what song they played over and over again? I Fought the Law and the Law Won by the Clash. It must have worked. He surrendered. On Wednesday, I fought the golf course.

Pause Ponder and Pun #116

Okay, like, this guy's a real cut-up. A little early for Hallowe'en, dontchya think? What do you think? Leave me a caption or two in the comments. We'll see who among you has the edge Saturday. Good luck.

Passing Time in Panama

Well my late arrival, and the even later arrival of my golf clubs and clothes are well behind me and I've been enjoying a relaxing time on the beach at Bijao, Panama, near Santa Clara. The days have fallen into a simple routine of golf in the morning, before it gets too hot, a bit of a nap, lunch, another nap, a dip in the pool, a walk on the beach and a cocktail or two before dinner. The temperature here is in the low to mid 90s for you American types and around 32-36C for my Canadian compatriots. So it's good to get the golf out of the way early in the day. When I first arrived I was after my brother-in-law to find an 18 hole course. The one at his place is 9 holes. Well, I tell ya it's all I can do just to finish 9 holes. So that's just as well. Things move slowly in Panama. Case in point: the air conditioner in the living room blew and my brother-in-law made arrangements to get it fixed last Saturday. Last Saturday the repairman called and said he'd be